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Substitutes For Vegetable Oil in Baking – Try the Healthiest One!

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Vegetable oil is an integral kitchen staple that’s always available on the pantry. It is effective in both cooking and baking recipes because of its high smoking point. The neutral flavor is another plus point of vegetable oil. This is the reason it becomes an essential ingredient in each baking recipe. But did you know the prime substitutes for vegetable oil in baking?

At this point, you may wonder for a moment. As vegetable oil gives a smooth, light, and fluffy texture to baked items, it looks a bit challenging to substitute it.

But if you’ve a little extra knowledge about the properties of other oils, you can easily replace vegetable oil in baking. If not, we are here with some amazing vegetable oil alternatives for your delicious baked goods. Give them a usual try to find out the best option.

Substitutes For Vegetable Oil in Baking

Most of the time, vegetable oil is available in the food cabinet as it is a vital ingredient of your star recipes. What if you are going to bake bread loaves or simply a cake, and find you’re run out of the recipe staple? Or sometimes, you want to use the healthiest oil in baking.

At this moment, if you are thinking of substituting vegetable oil with any other available oil, make sure its compatibility with your recipe. You must use an alternative oil that resembles vegetable oil and gives recipe the same texture as the original.

Melted butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and applesauce are considered the best options for baking that can give the same results as vegetable oil.

1. Butter


Butter resembles vegetable oil in having a neutral flavor and rich in essential nutrients. Therefore, you can use it in place of vegetable oil when it’s not available for one or other reasons.

Melted butter prevents baked goods from drying and makes them moist, fluffy, and even tastier than vegetable oil. Butter goes perfect in every kind of baking recipe you are going to make ranging from muffins, pies, and brownies to cakes and cookies.

2. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is not a neutral oil but milder in flavor. Therefore, it could be a good substitution in baking. As it’s made from the avocado’s flesh, it is a light oil having a buttery flavor that gives baked items the new taste horizons.

The high smoking point makes avocado oil quite similar to vegetable oil. So, use 1:1 ratio in baking recipes to get the results closest to your expectations.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

If the floral and coconutty flavor isn’t a problem for you, make the coconut oil your star baking ingredient. It is a lighter, healthier, and beneficent oil that gives a nice coconutty aroma and flavor to your baked goods.

Substitute vegetable oil with coconut oil in cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and pies where its flavor blends beautifully with other ingredients.

4. Applesauce

Bowl of apple sauce

Go for the unsweetened version of applesauce in baking when vegetable oil is no more on your side. It is probably the healthiest alternative for oil and also low in calories.

It makes baked creations softer, fluffier, and moist in texture that really matters in bread loaves, cakes, and brownies.

For cookies, pies, or tart, use half applesauce as much as vegetable oil and add some other available oil to it. Otherwise, the extra moist will make cookies or pies soggy where real crunch is the soul of the recipe.

Other Alternatives for Vegetable Oil

Knowing all the possible substitution options are good as it can help you whenever you’re run out of any ingredient. The same goes for vegetable oil here.

Besides the above-given replacements, you can also incorporate ghee, plain yogurt, and fruit puree instead of vegetable oil in baking. All these stellar ideas are the best substitutes for vegetable oil making your baked goods deliciously soft and moist.

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