Where Ingredients Find The Best Alternatives

Meat and Seafood

Bonito Flakes Substitute (11 Tried Katsuobushi Alternatives)
Want to enjoy hearty Japanese stock, beloved sushi, or iconic ramen but not have bonito flakes, don’t...
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Mortadella Substitute – Here’s Vegan Ideas To Try!
Just because you have no Mortadella on hand, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Mortadella sandwiches,...
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Oxtail Substitute (Here’s Meat-Based And Meatless Alternatives)
Oxtail substitute works great when you don’t have oxtail on hand to make a tasty soup or beef stock....
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Vegetarian Ham Substitute To Satisfy Your Meatless Diet!
Ham, whether processed or unprocessed, is a delicious, savory, and sometimes smoky slice of meat used...
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