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Substitute For Lemon Juice In Hollandaise Sauce – You Must Try!

Substitute For Lemon Juice
Substitute For Lemon Juice

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Hollandaise sauce is a more satisfying and tastier version of classic mayonnaise compliments well with a variety of savory creations. It is a great condiment, sauce, mayo, and benedict getting its spectacular citrusy flavor from fresh lemon juice. As we all know, fresh lemons are available for a short time so what should be the best substitute for lemon juice in hollandaise sauce?

Although one can use various other alternatives in place of lemon juice in hollandaise sauce still it’s hard to get the exact lemony freshness you’re craving for. Even a frozen or canned lemon juice cannot meet the traditional taste and flavor of the sauce.

Thereby, you must be very cautious while picking up a lemon juice substitute for your dream sauce recipe. Here we make your decision handy by giving you a list of alternatives you can try instead of lemon juice in hollandaise sauce. Let’s discover together.

Substitute For Lemon Juice In Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise lovers never get snoozed by the refreshing and umami flavor of this eggy benedict. However, some guys are creative enough to try newer flavor horizons by replacing one or other ingredients of the recipes.

And sometimes, people are suffering from the shortage and unavailability of staple ingredients. In such circumstances, they are urged to go for something most relevant and closest to that particular ingredient.

The same goes for fresh lemons also, while prepping hollandaise sauce. Fresh lemons are not available throughout the year so you must have one or more alternatives always on hand.

Here is a collection of replacements for lemon juice you can try once to make the sauce a little twisted and special in its own way.

Lime Juice – The Closest Alternative


Lime juice is the best-fitted alternative for lemon juice and is thus used interchangeably in desserts and savory treats. Both contain a similar level of acidic, citrusy, and tart flavor enough to give an extra oomph to usual recipes.

To more, the little sweetness of lime becomes undetectable in hollandaise sauce making it a great 1:1 substitution for lemon juice.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice
Orange Juice

Despite of less acidity and tartness than lemon, orange juice can mimic lemony flavor in hollandaise sauce to a significant extent. Ripe oranges develop extensive sugar and thus taste sweeter.

Therefore, rather than ripe oranges go for unripe or immature orange juice to replace lemon juice entirely. They are smaller, more acidic, tarter, and citrusy similar to lemon juice making your sauce just out of this world.

Use fresh orange juice in 1:1 ratio in hollandaise sauce or any other food recipe to replace lemon juice unnoticeably.

Lemon Extract

Lemon Extract
Lemon Extract

Both lime and orange juice lack the freshness and lemony scent of fresh lemon juice in your favorite sauce. So, what about lemon extract that is rich in concentrated lemon flavor and aroma?

You’re right there, lemon extract is another great substitution for lemon juice in hollandaise sauce. Since it’s a pretty concentrated liquid, dilute it either with white vinegar or wine to meet a similar level of tartness as lemon.

Use ½ quantity of lemon extract diluted with ½ quantity of other acidic liquid to swap lemon juice in your beloved recipes.

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest

Another versatile and usually available ingredient on the pantry is lemon zest. It’s commonly used in desserts, sauces, and other savory recipes to give them an amazing hint of lemon.

Most importantly, it can also replace lemon juice in hollandaise sauce. Add lemon zest to mimic the lemony flavor and fragrance along with vinegar or citric acid to achieve the closest tartness as lemon.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple-Cider Vinegar
Apple-Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is amazingly rich in fruity, tart, and acidic sensations. Thereby, it offers a quite complex citrusy flavor to hollandaise sauce that is closely related to the lemon juice.

Use it in place of lemon juice either alone or along with lime juice or lemon extract to finish the sauce deliciously.

White vinegar


White vinegar is also a great alternative ingredient to lemon in terms of tartness and acidity. But in case of hollandaise sauce, it’s not enough to replace the legendary and splendid lemon flavor.

Thereby, use it along with other ingredients such as lemon zest, worcestershire sauce or orange juice to meet the versatility of lemon flavor. Add ½ quantity of vinegar with other citrusy liquids of your choice to use as a substitute for lemon juice in hollandaise sauce.

White Wine

Although mentioned in the last, it’s a wonderful substitution for lemon juice offering a complex, fruity, savory, and citrusy flavor to the sauce. You can either use white wine alone or incorporate it with vinegar or cream of tartar to intensify the flavor deliciously.

Turn The Flavor Of Sauce Professionally!

If nothing seems suitable enough to swap lemon juice in hollandaise sauce, why not turn the flavor of sauce towards the next level?

So, replace the tartness of the sauce with an irresistible spiciness and pungency. For that, skip the lemon juice and introduce cayenne, chipotle or habanero peppers along with vinegar or white wine and enjoy your twisted savory sauce with a unique umami flavor.

This way, you can cleverly make replacements to serve your hollandaise sauce wonderfully.


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