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Hennessy Substitute – Here’s Know Which Is Best for You!

Hennessy substitutes

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Hennessy is a classical cognac and produced exclusively in France. Its pronounced fruity, citrusy, and oaky flavor complement well with cocktails, cooking, and baking recipes. Yet, its distillation process from spirit ingredients makes hennessy and other cognacs expensive. Thereby, people look for the great hennessy substitute to satisfy their craving for cognac.

Hennessy cognac uses different spirit ingredients other than grains that are typically used to produce various liquors. The sharp floral and fruity flavor of hennessy comes directly from grapes and a prolonged aging period.

And then, it’s the distillation of wine from fermented grape juice that makes this world’s best cognac expensive and overpriced. So, if you can’t afford it, don’t worry. Simply, go for other alternative liquors for hennessy that are in budget and flavorful too.

Hennessy Substitute

When you’re out of this delicious cognac and don’t find it in your liquor cabinet, you need something crazy and satisfying, just like hennessy.

People also go for insane hennessy alternatives when it looks quite pricy and out of budget as compared to other liquors.

No matter for which purpose you need the best hennessy replacement, you can try the following delectable liquors. All these options are for refined pellets that’re addicted to cognac or hennessy.

1. Cognac


As you already know that hennessy is the best and renowned type of cognac, so you can replace it with any other kind of cognac. A classic cognac gets its rich deep flavor from its twice distillation process and specific maturation period.

Several titles engraved on a cognac bottle, such as VS, VSOP, and XO, demonstrate the age of cognac. Go for one which suits you the most.

2. Hennessy VS

Hennessy VS

Hennessey cognac VS means “very special hennessy” is also a great replacement for ordinary hennessy.

If you’re looking for some reasonable and low-end substitute, you may prefer other liquors. This is because hennessy cognac VS is aged for more than two years and therefore charges a decent amount.

3. Brandy


Brandy works like a multifunctional liquor that is commonly used for substituting other alcohols in cocktails and cooking recipes. You will definitely encounter it when seeking any alcohol substitute out there.

Remember, brandy is also a good Jim beam substitute for drinking. Similarly, you can also caress your pellet with brandy instead of hennessy.

4. Whisky


Whisky is also closely related to cognac, even both are used alternatively in making cocktails and other flavorful drinks. However, cognac lovers may feel whisky sharper, deeper, and astringent.

You can drink it straight or by adding any other liquor to it in place of hennessy.

5. Armagnac


Armagnac is another reasonable option instead of expensive hennessy. Although Armagnac and hennessy are not similar, yet both have comparable flavor.

The distillation and maturation periods are different for both sharp and deep creations. But if it’s available on your drinking table, who restricts you from making it a good hennessy alternative?

6. Bourbon


Whenever you are craving for sharp, tangy, yet deeper undertones, bourbon may likely satisfy you this way. Actually, bourbon is entirely a different class of liquors and special in its own ways.

It uses grains such as corn and rye instead of grape spirit. The only thing that one can compare is the final flavor notes of both drinks. Also, it’s affordable alcohol as compared to hennessy.

7. Wine


One can also enjoy a glass of wine in place of hennessy to compensate things differently. Some may find it effective, while for some, it is not a suitable replacement.

Not all kinds of wine are good to replace hennessy cognac, so you must follow your preferences.

8. Amontillado Sherry

Amontillado Sherry

Amontillado sherry is also a wine with a distinct combination of oak and vanilla flavor. Its distinction is due to the two-step aging process in large oak barrels.

Therefore, it’s stronger astringent flavor replaces hennessy very well in cocktails. Not just this, you can also go for any amontillado sherry alternative to get your favorite taste.

Non-Alcoholic Hennessy Substitute

Is there any non-alcoholic alternative for hennessy for cooking? It’s a primary concern of people who want to cut on alcohol in their diet or food recipes.

Thereby, we’ve also got some non-alcoholic hennessy replacements that are best for several savory and sweet treats.

1. Rum Extract

Rum Extract

Rum extract is a versatile staple ingredient for your cooking recipes instead of any alcoholic liquor. There is a variety of rum extract versions available, having a different quantity of alcohol.

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Go for non-alcoholic type to replace hennessy cognac in several recipes. Its concentrated, complex, and rich flavor complements well with roasted meat dishes and sweet baked creations.

2. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

You probably know that the citrusy flavor of fruit juices is pretty similar to cognac and other rich, alcoholic liquors. But in case of hennessy, pure juice of white grapes is closest, making your sweet as well as savory recipes.

However, other fruit juices like apple, peach, and pear also go great instead of hennessy.

3. Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Non-alcoholic spirits like whisky spirit and bourbon spirit are alcohol-free and taste good to use in your next recipes. Their spicy, smoky, and slight floral flavor pair well with sweet and baked treats rather than savory recipes.

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In conclusion, the great hennessy substitute is the one that is compatible with your taste and recipe preferences. So, pick up any one of the above and make a usual try to know which works best for you.


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