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Jim Beam Substitute Excellent for Drinking and Cooking

Jim Beam Substitute

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Jim beam is a popular bourbon whisky made from barley, rye, and corn. It gets mature in minimum of four years and roughly available in more than 200 countries. Thereby, it’s a more classic and iconic drink for bourbon patriots and bar drinkers. Interestingly, there are a number of other alcohols that you can use as Jim beam substitute and are prepared the same way as bourbon.

If you’re a Jim beam drinker and want to enjoy something different but not too far from the original, you can try other alternatives for Jim beam. And if you’re looking for something similar to Jim beam to be used in cooking, we’ll also cover you this way. So, let’s move ahead.

Jim Beam Substitute for Drinking

If you’re trying to replace Jim beam with any other alcohol for drinking, chances that you may want something different and exciting.

And maybe this bourbon whisky is unluckily not available in your liquor section. At that moment, when you are craving for something more satisfying, give try to other drinks.

Jack Daniel, bourbon Evan Williams, knob creek, Woodford reserve, and buffalo trace are considered closer to Jim beam.

Some resemble Jim beam in their manufacturing process or others have a similar maturation period as JB. Let’s take a deeper insight.

1. Bourbon Evan Williams

Evan Williams

Evan Williams uses the same grains yet a little higher corn proportion as Jim beam and darker in color. Thereby, one can go for the bourbon Evan Williams instead of Jim beam.

It seems an excellent choice when you want to enjoy more complex and prominent bourbony flavor rather than a subtle Jim beam flavor.

2. Knob Creek

Knob Creek

Knob creek is a straight bourbon whisky produced in small batches and aged in oak barrels. It could be the best Jim beam substitution if you’re familiar with this iconic bourbon.

Its flavor largely depends on its maturation period and mostly turns out to be a notch higher than Jim beam. This is because it is prepared in small batches and aged for 7-9 years on average.

3. Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve

Another bourbon whisky that is pretty similar to Jim beam is Woodford reserve. It is prepared and aged the same way.

You may feel Woodford reserve more alcoholic, stronger, and spicier replacement for Jim beam. This is because this bourbon drink is aged for 7 or more years in oak barrels.

There are also a variety of Woodford types differing in flavor and aging. So, if any variety is available, go for and find out if it is similar to Jim beam or not.

4. Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo trace is a straight bourbon and can replace Jim beam on your drinking table. It is light golden in color, similar to JB and caresses the palate with a nice combination of sweet, spicy, and oaky flavor.

So, you can swap your regular bourbon drink with something special that’s not too far from the original.

5. Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel will be your next choice if you are likely to try whisky rather than bourbon. When compared with Jim beam, it has a smooth mellow flavor with slight hints of sweet maple flavor.

It also feels less alcoholic and fruity than Jim beam but at least deserves your single try. It will definitely suit your palate if Jim beam is not on hand.

The other suitable Jim beam replacements are Willet, Heaven Hill, Angel’s Envy Bourbon, And Basil Hayden which are best in their own ways.

Jim Beam Substitute for Cooking

Jim beam is not popular just for drinking but also for cooking and baking intentions. It is an amazingly versatile ingredient in the kitchen and adds a ton of flavor to sweet and savory recipes.

Whether you want to cut out the alcoholic content in your food dishes or don’t have Jim beam on hand, you can try the given substitutes.

Brandy, Rum, Cognac, Scotch, and Whiskey are excellent alcoholic alternatives that you can use instead of Jim beam.

Vanilla Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, And Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Extract are non-alcoholic replacements for your beloved bourbon Jim beam.

1. Brandy


Brandy is also a universal liquor used as a substitute for many other alcohols ranging from spicy bourbon to more complex amontillado sherry.

Since brandy flavor is sweeter with nice fruity notes, so it pairs well in sweet creations like cakes, pies, and pastries.

2. Rum


The final flavor of rum isn’t too far from Jim beam yet a complex of sweet and spicy hints. If available in your liquor cabinet, use it to prepare breathtaking sweet and savory recipes.

Most of the time, rum works well in sweet treats and gives them a nice vanilla flavor.

3. Cognac


Cognac is closely related to brandy and is majorly produced in France. It gets its deep flavor from a prolonged maturation period in large barrels.

Due to its versatile flavor profile, you can use it in almost every recipe that calls for Jim beam.

4. Scotch


Scotch would be the best 1:1 substitute for Jim beam because it’s pretty similar. Many professional chefs use Jim beam and scotch interchangeably in both sweet and savory recipes.

However, you can try it whenever Jim beam isn’t available for any reason to complement your favorite dish incredibly.

Non-Alcoholic Jim Beam Substitutes

Want to try your favorite star show recipe but it calls for Jim beam as a recipe ingredient? If you want to avoid alcohol in your diet, don’t skip your favorite recipe just for this reason.

Here we’ve got a great compilation of non-alcoholic substitutions for Jim beam that you can try to make your dish even incredibly delicious.

1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

Since Jim beam gives a slight vanilla flavor to the recipes, so you can switch one for another. To mimic the slight vanilla notes of bourbon, dilute the vanilla extract to add a similar flavor as Jim beam.

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For dilution, use one part of vanilla extract mixed with one part of water. In addition, vanilla extract is also a common substitute for vanilla bean paste in baking.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also give your recipes a bourbony flavor. In savory recipes, you can use it alone, while in sweet dishes, it’s better to mix it with some fruit nectar or juice.

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Most of the time, peach nectar pairs well with apple cider vinegar and becomes the best Jim beam substitute.

3. Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Extract

Bourbon Extract

If non-alcoholic bourbon extract is available on your pantry, your work is almost done. As its name indicates, bourbon extract is produced to give the same flavor as bourbon without adding alcohol to the recipe.

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For substituting Jim beam, don’t use 1:1 ratio because the flavor could be too intense and overwhelming. Dilute it using one part of bourbon extract and one part of water to mimic the real JB flavor.


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