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Substitutes for tofu – Here’s how to replace them!!

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Tofu and soybean

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Tofu’s primary ingredient is soybeans, in which we have to mix soybeans and water with a coagulating agent. However, making tofu from soy is similar to cheese making from cow milk. Firstly, tofu was originated in China, but now a day it is a favorite staple food item for several dishes. Moreover, as tofu contains enough amount of calcium and proteins, that’s why it can easily replace meat and dairy products. But what if you run out of tofu, then what are the substitutes for tofu?

However, there are several food items that you can use as a tofu substitute. But you have to keep in mind that direct tofu substitute is tough to find. Because tofu has a specific taste and texture that not any other food can have. But you can find relatable tofu substitutes.

So let’s have a look at all possible tofu substitutes. And if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article. As this article will look through it.

Substitutes For Tofu

Following are the possible substitutes for tofu.

1. Seitan


However, Seiten is also known as wheat gluten, as it is made with wheat gluten and water. As seiten is enrich in proteins, that’s why not only tofu, but it can also substitute meat.

2. Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce

As tofu is made from soybeans, which is a main ingredient for tofu. That’s why tofu can be replaceable with soy sauce as well. However, soy sauce might be a more challenging substitute for tofu. But it can serve you well during the hours of need.

3. Tempeh


However, like tofu, tempeh is also has soybeans as their main ingredient, but the different ways of making, lead to different products. As tempeh is made from fermented soybeans that are pressed into a mold after fermentation.

But tofu is made after mixing soybeans and water into a coagulating agent. However, as both foods have the same main ingredient that’s why tempeh can be the best for tofu.

4. Textured Vegetable Protein(TVP)


TVP is a good source of proteins has soy as their primary ingredient. However, it is dehydrated soy that has to be rehydrated before cooking. And as it also has soybeans as its main ingredients, that’s why we can use it as a tofu substitute.

However, as it consists of soybeans that’s why it is also a good source of protein. And because of it, TVP can replace meat as well.

A Final Thought

However, it is hard to substitute tofu with a portion of food that can serve similar tastes and textures. But you can still replace tofu with other ingredients like seitan, tempeh, textured, vegetable proteins, soy sauce, etc.

I choose almost all the substitutes that have soybeans as their main ingredient because tofu consists of soybeans. However, soybeans are the source of proteins for our body that’s why we can replace meat with tempeh, etc.

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