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Sport Peppers Substitute (Here’s Some Less Spicy Alternatives)

Sport Peppers Substitute
Sport Peppers Substitute

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Sport peppers are deliciously bound to Chicago style hot dogs, Italian cuisines, and beef treats to stimulate people with their deep, tangy, and spicy bites. But these are the Chicago staples which are hard to source in many regions other than Chicago. So, find out the best sport peppers substitute to make recipes similarly classic and flavorful as the original.

Sport Peppers Substitute

Sport peppers are usually pickled peppers with a bold spicy kick even stronger than jalapenos. They are a quite versatile workhorse in the culinary world and are either served as a condiment or packed into the recipe as a staple ingredient.

Pickled sport pepper pairs well along with Buona beef, sandwiches, savory wraps, and goes great in hot dogs and salad dressings.

However, when you have not these spicy peppers on hand, check out the following substitutes for sport peppers that can give your recipe a similar heat and bold flavor.

But the shortage or unavailability of sport peppers isn’t always the story. Rather some people search for sport pepper substitutes because of the high heat and deep spiciness. Don’t worry, the given alternatives are good to go in both conditions so that you can enjoy your favorite treats deliciously.

1. Pickled Serrano Peppers

Pickled Serrano Peppers
Pickled Serrano Peppers

Pickled serrano peppers could be a wonderful substitute for sport peppers if you have on hand.

Serrano peppers are widely available in many varieties and you can get them either fresh, dried, or pickled. However, in place of sport peppers, pickled serrano goes amazing.

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Serrano peppers are long and thin with a significant hot punch perfect to make a Chicago style hot dog. Besides they are a staple to a variety of Mexican cuisines.

On Scoville Heat Scale, both serrano and sport peppers lie side by side with a similar heat range from 10,000 to 23,000 Scoville units.

2. Pickled Jalapenos

Pickled Jalapenos
Pickled Jalapenos

Jalapenos lie below on Heat Scoville scale and therefore not as hotter as sport peppers. They are not so thin and long to complement hot dogs but pair well with sandwiches, pizza toppings and salads.

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When pickled, jalapenos acquire a major savory punch closer to sport peppers. When used as an alternative to sport pepper, jalapenos never make you feel like something less flavorful or step down in the heat.

3. Pickled Pepperoncini

Pickled Pepperoncini
Pickled Pepperoncini

Pickled pepperoncini are the peppers with relatable heat Scoville units as sport peppers yet smaller and more slender to look at. They are readily available, easy to get, and ready to substitute sport peppers in sausages, pizza toppings, and salads.

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Fresh pepperoncini are good to go when you are not crazy for a spicy hot punch of sport peppers. The overall flavor is comparable to sport pepper with a mellow hot bite.

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4. Peter Peppers

Peter Peppers
Peter Peppers

Peter peppers are also one of the best sport peppers substitutes. They comparably offer a hot, spicy, and tangy bite as sport peppers. Pickling makes them extra spicy, savory, and hotter to munch on.

So, use them either fresh or dried to tantalize your taste buds incredibly. In turn, they will not overpower the flavor of the dish.

Sport Peppers Substitute (Less Spicy)

Now there must be some mellower or less spicy alternatives for sport peppers for a thanksgiving meal. The following replacements are for those who are craving sport pepper flavor but with less spiciness.

5. Chipotle Peppers

Chipotle Peppers
Chipotle Peppers

A chipotle pepper is closer to jalapenos and to be exact it’s a dried smoky version of jalapeno. Chipotle chilli is a versatile seasoning common in Mexican and Tex-Mex recipes for its unique fruity flavor.

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One can also replace sport peppers with chipotle for moderate heat. Chipotle peppers give a sweet spicy flavor combo with a tangy underneath tone.

6. Guajillo Chilli

Guajillo Chilli
Guajillo Chilli

Guajillo chilli is another Mexican pepper used to season traditional or classic cuisines. In terms of heat Scoville units, guajillo is comparable with jalapenos.

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Its fruity aroma and mellower hot punch make it a good substitute for sport peppers. You can add them to savory sauces, dips, salsas, sausages, and dishes calling for sport pepper.

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7. Puya Peppers

Puya Peppers
Puya Peppers

Puya pepper is also one of the moderately spicy sport peppers substitutes closer to guajillo. It’s a Mexican chilli more known for its perfect spice level and fruity flesh.

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When used in place of sport peppers, puya peppers make no flavor difference.


What Does Sport Pepper Taste Like?

Sport peppers are packed with a stronger punch of savory, tangy, and spicy flavor. They are not overly sweet yet offer a tantalizing hot kick. On the heat Scoville scale, they are steps up to the jalapenos.

Their premium hotness makes them a good choice for hot dogs, sandwiches, and beef roasts.

Can You Use Pickled Tabasco Pepper Instead Of Sport Peppers?

Sport peppers are somewhat similar to tabasco peppers in terms of flavor rather than size or texture. Pickled tabasco peppers are likely to impose the comparable heat and savory tinge to the recipes as sport peppers.

So, you can swap sport peppers with pickled tabasco peppers and there will be no significant flavor deviance.

Can You Substitute Sport Peppers With Jalapeno?

Although jalapenos are a step down from the sport peppers on heat Scoville scale, you can do this replacement. More precisely, pickled jalapenos can replace sport peppers for their optimum hot kick and tangy flavor.

If you are in love with jalapenos, it’s a great way of incorporating them even in place of sport peppers to the recipe.


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