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Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute (Here’s 8 Tried Alternatives)

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Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

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Chicken stock concentrate is commonly used to give a deep delicious chicken flavor to savory dishes. Its name indicates that it’s something coming from chicken having a thick concentrated texture. You may think is there any chicken stock concentrate substitute with the same consistency or texture?

Well, the answer is yes. You can replace chicken stock concentrate in a variety of ways. And if you are following a vegan diet, you can also optimize your recipes to complement your diet.

You can also call it chicken gravy or chicken stock, formed when chicken is subjected to slow cooking. As it’s a time-consuming procedure, so people search for its alternatives to use in their savory recipes making them more appealing.

Thereby, we are here to tell you some substitutes for chicken stock concentrate that you can use to get the closest flavor depth. So, let’s go right ahead.

Choose The Best Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

It’s hard to opt for the true replacement when a lot more options are available out there. So, before going towards the collection of alternatives, you must consider the following factors.

Flavor: Chicken stock concentrate infuses a rich flavor and savory depth into the recipes. The overall flavor is concentrated and robust with a dominating chicken taste. So, an ingredient with a similar chicken flavor can work the best in your coming recipe.

Texture: Chicken stock concentrate is a thicker liquid formed from long-simmering chicken bones and water. The result is a thicker and more concentrated liquid ready to add umami oomph to your dishes. In short, liquidy ingredients with thinner consistency can not do things as per your thinking.

Stock Vs Concentrate: Although regular chicken stock and chicken stock concentrate are chicken-based products, you need to know the difference. Regular stock is not as thicker as stock concentrate. You can substitute stock for stock concentrate but there will be a flavor difference.

Diet specifications: If you are following vegan diet, go for the vegetable-based alternatives listed below.

Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

Chicken stock concentrate is a multipurpose ingredient that is flavorful and delicious at the same time. It gives a burst of flavor to all those savory recipes to which it is added.

If it’s available in your food cabinet, you can make chicken stock or chicken broth by diluting it corresponding to your recipe requirements.

However, some people want to know about chicken stock concentrate substitutes for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they don’t have it on hand while making the recipe calling for chicken stock concentrate and they have no time to make it.

Secondly, they want to use vegetarian substitutes in their vegan diet or recipes even knowing that it isn’t easy to make such replacements. But still, we have got both chicken-based and vegan ideas to try instead of chicken stock concentrate.

Here’s get Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth Concentrate to make a rich and flavorful base for soups, stews, curries, gravies, and other meat dishes. It’s low-sodium, gluten-free, and healthier addition to your routine dishes.

As a vegan option, Better Than Bouillon Vegan Stock is a great addition to food dishes. It contains seasoned vegetables rather than a chicken base to satisfy your diet restrictions.

1. Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock

Whenever you want to get the closest substitute for chicken stock concentrate, chicken stock comes first. It’s probably the best alternative that you can use without compromising the intense flavor of a recipe.

Besides chicken stock, chicken broth also works the same way and replaces chicken concentrate’s flavor fully. However, the only thing to consider is their consistency.

Chicken stock and broth are not as viscous as stock concentrate. So, you can use them in stews, dips, and soups where the consistency doesn’t bother the recipe outlook.

Another option that you can try is making them concentrated to achieve the same viscosity as chicken stock concentrate. Simply, boil the chicken stock or broth in a pan and it will evaporate extra water from them making a concentrated liquid ready for substitution.

Which One You Should Buy? Kitchen Basics Unsalted Chicken Stock is made from slow-simmered chicken, bones, vegetables, and herbs. It can complement recipes calling for bouillon, chicken broth, or stock concentrate.

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Substituting chicken stock concentrate with chicken soup is the easiest way of using leftover soup. Adding chicken soup to your savory dishes makes them flavorful and more appetizing that everyone utterly wants.

Before using chicken soup, simmer it further on a medium flame and add seasonings or herbs to enhance its flavor. Simmering leads to a delicious thick liquid resembling chicken concentrate both in flavor and texture.

Which One You Should Buy? Get Organic Free Range Chicken Broth to make a rich savory base for meat dishes, soups, pasta dishes, and many more. It’s low sodium and gluten-free condiment great to make your foods healthy and appealing.

3. Beef Broth

Beef Broth

Give your dish a touch of more complex, deep, and concentrated flavor with beef broth as a great chicken stock concentrate substitute. It’s more viscous and richer in flavor than chicken stock concentrate. So, you can dilute it using water to make it a good chicken stock concentrate alternative.

Here, 1 to 1 ratio doesn’t work because beef broth can overpower the final mouthfeel of your recipe. So, consider your recipe requirements before using any substitute.

Which One You Should Buy? Orrington Farms Beef Broth can be your best savory base for soups, stews, and soups. It’s also great for marinades and savory cuisines as a deep rich seasoning.

4. Gravy Granules

Gravy Granules

Gravy granules are the best choice when people don’t want to compromise the texture, flavor, and viscosity of their savory treats. Being available in different flavors ranging from chicken to beef or even vegetables, they are commonly used to replace chicken concentrate.

As the gravy granules have thickening ingredients, so you must add enough water to make them as viscous as stock concentrate. Add them to long cooking dishes such as stews and soups to get a deep flavor sensation.

Which One You Should Buy? Bisto For Chicken Gravy Granules is perfect to make a quick base for gravies and soups with a deep chicken savor. Go for Vegetarian Chicken Gravy Granules if going to make a vegan dish.

5. Chicken Stock Cubes

Stock cubes also work the same way as gravy granules and are available in different vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Add chicken stock cubes to mimic the flavor of chicken stock concentrate in your food dishes.

You can also use beef or vegetable stock cubes to substitute chicken flavor in the respective dish.

Which One You Should Buy? Knorr Cube Bouillon packs a strong chicken flavor and goodness of herbs and spices to make your savory treats even more umami and palatable.

Vegan Substitute for Chicken Stock Concentrate

Here is a list of chicken stock substitutes for vegan guys who want to get a similar flavor and texture in their vegan diet.

The most common and obvious options are vegetable broth, mushroom broth, and homemade stock powder. These ingredients can give the closest consistency, aroma, and flavor more like chicken stock concentrate.

6. Vegetable Broth

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth can give you benefit in two ways. First, you can use it instead of chicken stock concentrate, and secondly, it’s the healthiest choice for everyone.

The one thing to be considered is the concentration of broth. No matter, whether you buy it from a store or make it at home, it should be concentrated.

Which One You Should Buy? Go For Reduced Sodium Veggie Broth Concentrate to heighten the flavor of your vegan foods.

7. Mushroom Broth

Mushroom Broth

Everyone wants to enjoy the mushroom flavor and its meaty texture in their diet. And if it comes in the form of broth, it works great for everyone.

The best thing is that you can now substitute chicken stock concentrate in a variety of savory dishes. Mix two or more kinds of mushrooms to get a more complex and deeper taste as chicken concentrate.

Which One You Should Buy? Pacific Foods Organic Mushroom Broth is completely vegan, soy-free, and keto-friendly while offering a strong savory punch to the palate.

8. Homemade Stock Powder

Homemade Stock Powder

When nothing seems to be working on your side, try homemade stock powder that is totally plant-based. The ingredients include onion powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, and raw sugar.

Seasonings include black pepper, paprika, oregano, thyme, sea salt, and celery seeds. The combination of all these ingredients makes the flavor of a dish divine and worth eating. Mix one tbsp of this stock powder in one cup of water and it works great as a chicken stock concentrate substitute.

In the end, the only tip is that not all these options going to work for all types of recipes. So, be careful while using them and consider your diet preferences first.


Chicken Stock Concentrate Vs Bouillon

Chicken stock concentrate is purely made from slow-simmered bones and chicken. It’s a more concentrated, rich, flavorful, and gelatinous mixture than bouillon. In simple words, bouillon is a broth made from meat cuts, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs. However, it’s subtle, milder, and not as thick as chicken stock concentrate.

Is Bouillon The Same As Stock Concentrate?

Not really. Although you can substitute one for another interchangeably in your recipes, both are pretty much different. Bouillon is a broth that can be either made from chicken, beef, vegetables, or mushrooms. It can be vegan-friendly or not. However, chicken stock concentrate is made from long-simmered bones and is more concentrated than a bouillon. Usually, it’s not vegan-friendly.

What Is The Best Vegetable Stock Concentrate Substitute?

You can substitute vegetable stock concentrate with either mushroom stock concentrate or vegetable broth in your vegan foods. For an easy and quick replacement, go for vegetable stock cubes and adjust the flavor of the recipe.

What Is The Best Hello Fresh Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute?

The best alternatives for Hello Fresh Chicken Stock concentrate include bone broth, chicken bouillon, and chicken stock. If looking for vegan options, vegetable stock, mushroom stock concentrate, and gravy granules are best to try.

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