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Substitute For Asian Pear In Recipe, Marinade And Smoothies

Substitute For Asian Pear
Substitute For Asian Pear

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When Asian pears went out of season or you find them a bit pricy, try the following closest substitute for Asian pear.

Asian pears are firm and crispy in texture more like an apple with a relatively thicker and tougher skin. Their flavor is sweet, floral, and juicy reminiscent of pineapple and kiwi.

They are a splendid addition to Korean cuisines including marinades, pies, fruit salads, and condiments. Asian pear is also a staple ingredient of a classic bulgogi recipe people love to enjoy at holiday gatherings.

But Asian pear is not a fruit you can find in market aisles easily, so give a single try to the best given substitutes for Asian pear.

Substitute For Asian Pear In Recipe

Asian pear or Nashi pear is a seasonal fruit available for a short time in the market with a relatively short production than other pear cultivars. That’s a reason you find a pricy tag on Asian pears.

Since Asian pears offer a balanced combination of an apple and regular pear, therefore substituting them in a recipe doesn’t remain a challenge. So, pick up your best replacement to try next.

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1.  Apple


Put apples and pears side by side and you’ll notice that both share a quite similar appearance and texture. A firm and crispy texture of apples ends up with a filling and appetizing sensation.

Although apples are not as sweet as Asian pears but can blend well with other recipe ingredients to give a mouthfeel like pears.

2.  Bosc Pear

Bosc Pear
Bosc Pear

Bosc pear is another sweet, floral, and juicy alternative for Asian pear in recipes like salads, pies, and desserts. Besides cooking recipes, bosc pear can also replace the nashi in baked creations.

It may be hard to find Bosc pear for some guys in several regions and markets. But if you’ve your hands on it, try bosc pear instead of Asian pear to get a similar flavor profile.

3.  Anjou Pear

Anjou Pear
Anjou Pear

Anjou pear is a cheaper and affordable cultivar than bosc and nashi pears. It also offers a very similar texture and flavor to Asian pears in a variety of cooking recipes.

So, swap Asian pear with Anjou pear in every classic Korean cuisine and it will go a long way to stimulate your taste buds incredibly.

4.  Quinces


Quince is a fruit more like an oblong apple with sweet, floral, and juice-laden flesh like an Asian pear. Not everyone can find it in the market as it’s rarely available in certain regions.

If you ever have it on hand, use it in place of Asian pear in cooking and baking creations to get similar recipe outcomes.

Substitute For Asian Pear In Marinades

Asian pear is a staple ingredient of classic marinade recipes as it’s packed with specific enzymes required for tenderizing meat deliciously. But you can replace it in marinades with other fruits having similar enzymes.

5.  Pineapple


Pineapple could be your best replacement instead of the nashi pear in cocktails and marinades. A juicy sweet flesh of pineapple gives your recipe all it needs to excite you appealingly.

Pineapple is also loaded with specific enzymes required to tenderize meat and veggies for your traditional food dishes.

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6.  Papaya


Papaya is a well-known meat tenderizer ingredient with the potential to prep meat even for bulgogi. Its readily availability and affordability make it a good Asian pear substitute, but it’s not as sweet as Asian pear.

Don’t let your meat marinate in papaya for a long time as it can give your recipe an unappealing papaya flavor.

7.  Kiwi


Kiwi can give your marinades a delectable combination of tart, sweet, and juicy flavor hints. Its sweetness seems comparable with Asian pears making this replacement easy and flavorful.

When meat is left in kiwi juice for a certain time period, it breaks the meat protein and tenderize it to a satisfying creation.

Substitute For Asian Pear In Smoothies

Asian pears are good to add to smoothies for their filling texture and natural juicy sweetness. Smoothies are easy to prepare and a great way of consuming fruits to meet the daily nutrient requirement. Substituting Asian pears in smoothies isn’t difficult, yet you can use the following ingredients instead.

8.  Golden Apple

Golden Apple
Golden Apple

Golden apple is the sweetest apple cultivar with a juice-laden sweet flesh very similar to Asian pears. In smoothies, it blends easily and turns out deliciously umami.

For your breakfast smoothie, pick up this alternative for replacing the nashi pear every day.

9.  Apricot


Apricot is not as similar to Asian pear in terms of texture but it can offer a comparable sweetness to your routine smoothies and drinks.

It’s a worthy alternative instead of Asian pear that’s easy to find and cheaper to get.

10.  Peach


Peach is also a worthy substitute for Asian pear and works great in drinks, shakes, and smoothies. Although its flavor is a combination of sweet and tart flavor hints, it can stimulate your taste buds refreshingly.

11.  Canned Pears

Canned Pears
Canned Pears

Canned pears are the substitutes one can use in desserts, salads, smoothies, and pies instead of Asian pears. It’s a great way to swap fresh pears with a stored kind while maintaining the quality standard of the dish.


What To Substitute For Asian Pear In Pies?

Asian pears are wonderful for making pies as they turn out deliciously caramelized with an umami floral tone. Thereby, you must opt for an alternative with such a comparable sweetness and juicy tender flesh.

So, golden apple, canned pears, and pineapple are great to swap Asian pear goodness in pies.

Is An Asian Pear The Same As Apple?

No, Asian pear and apples are not the same fruit. Although Asian pears seem much like apples but they are completely different fruit cultivar than apples.

Even some people consider them apple-pear or think of that they are a cross between apple and pear. But in actual, Asian pears are distinctly originated and grown for years.

Can I Use Apple Instead Of Asian Pear In Bulgogi?

The classic Korean recipe of the bulgogi calls for Asian pears to tenderize meat spears deliciously. But you can also try bulgogi with apple cultivars which are more on sweet side than regular apples.

For instance, golden apple and fuji apple are best to replace Asian pears in bulgogi. However, a royal combination of apple and pear goes wonderful in bulgogi and even kimchi.


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