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Alkalete Substitute – Here’s Great and Affordable Alternatives

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Alkalete Substitute

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Alkalete is a powerful alkalizer containing minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium for maintaining the pH of the human body. Nowadays, Alkalete is quite popular as a weight loss product or weight loss supplement. Yoli is a major producer of Alkalete and manufactures it by using FDA authorized alkalizing ingredients. But after seeing the high price tag of this weight loss drug, you may search for Yoli Alkalete substitute.

Before substituting Alkalete, make sure that the drugs or supplements work safely and normally within the body, similar to Alkalete. For instance, all the Alkalete alternatives must reduce the acid level and maintain the normal pH of the body. They must increase the absorbance of essential nutrients and body performance.

Alkalete Substitute

Alkalete has become popular insanely in recent years because of the increasing acidity health disorders such as acidosis. All processed food items and beverages are the main determinants of acidosis.

Acidic pH causes weight gain, poor body performance, less absorbance of vital nutrients, and low energy for cellular functions. Thereby, it’s become critical to increase the body pH and drive it to the alkaline side that exactly Alkalete does preferentially.

The higher alkaline pH ensures better health without plenty of disorders associated with acidity. The continuous intake of Alkalete retrieves the body’s normal pH by balancing the buffer system. And of course, it’s helpful in weight loss.

Well, if you want to replace Alkalete with any other alkalizing agent, make sure its working potential and efficiency. After all, your better health is your first priority. Here we enlisted some alkalizers that you can use instead of Alkalete and work in the same way as Alkalete.

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1. pHAlo – Alkaline Pills

pHAlo – Alkaline Pills

pHAlo works almost the same way as Alkalete and restores the alkaline body pH naturally. The difference comes at the point of chemical composition. pHAlo contains potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate as major electrolytes.

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It works great in maintaining alkaline pH balance, weight loss, and digestion efficiency. Besides, pHAlo alkaline supplements are helpful for mental and physical health. Therefore, you can use pHAlo as Yoli Alkalete replacement.

2. Alkaline Booster

Alkaline Booster

Alkaline booster is another substitution for Yoli Alkalete and works in the same way. Besides enhancing the pH level, this alkaline supplement is rich in multivitamins and probiotics.

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It also reduces body weight by degrading acid waste and thus improves the functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Another plus point of this substitute is that it’s a perfect superfood for vegan guys.

3. Alkamax


Alkamax is a great pH booster and an alkalizing agent, just like alkalete. It contains electrolytes like magnesium carbonate, sodium citrate, potassium bicarbonate, and other alkaline minerals.

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When you’re looking for a cost-effective replacement for alkalete, Alkamax will come first.

4. Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is the easiest way of replacing alkalete and other pH boosters. Use pH drops or baking soda to make water alkaline. The daily intake of alkaline water will readily improve your pH balance and reduce acid waste.

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In short, there are lot more substitutes for alkalete that you can use freely and safely to optimize your body’s pH. So, use any of them which is affordable, compatible, and easily available to you.

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