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Ya Cai Substitute Great For Sichuan Dish Dan Dan Noodles

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Ya Cai Substitute
Ya Cai Substitute

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Looking for the best handy sui mi ya cai substitute often becomes indispensable owing to the limited availability of this splendid condiment. It’s a pickled vegetable fermented twice to give an incredibly umami flavor to Dan Dan noodles and various other food recipes.

Besides Dan Dan noodles, you’ll find ya cai as a prime ingredient in many other Sichuan cooking recipes. Its fermented yet fresh and sweety salty flavor turn out food dishes remarkably appealing and luscious.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where sui mi ya cai somehow isn’t available to you, put your hands on other alternatives similar to ya cai. In the end, the overall recipe result will not disappoint you rather make you delighted flavorfully and it’s a great way of introducing a unique flavor profile to your taste buds.

So, let’s move ahead to discover the amazing substitutes for sui mi ya cai.

Ya Cai Substitute

Ya cai aka sui mi ya cai is a famous Chinese condiment commonly used in various Sichuan cooking dishes to make them palatable and worth eating. It’s a double fermented, sweet, salty, and a bit spicy seasoning made of mustard greens.

Simply, ya cai is a pickled vegetable with a soft yet slight crispy texture and pungent fragrance.

One can seek its replacements when has no access to this Chinese condiment or just forgot to add it in a shopping cart by chance. In addition, some people are also in a search for the closely related ya cai alternative who have developed an unusual allergy or taste restrictions to mustard greens.

So, whatever the reason is, you can replace ya cai with a number of other flavorful seasonings in your dream recipes without compromising the aesthetic ya cai flavor.

Here’s is a great compilation of sui mi ya cai replacements you can give a single try to give your Sichuan dishes a new spectrum of flavor.

Kimchi – Closer To Ya Cai


Kimchi is a famous Korean seasoning commonly added to a variety of stews, soups and other traditional savory dishes. It’s also a fermented condiment and similarly tastes salty, spicy, and tangy as sui mi ya cai.

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You can make Sichuan recipes using kimchi as a great ya cai substitute, yet you may find it as a fiery and spicy addition to the recipes. So, if the overwhelming spiciness of kimchi is the real problem, use other types of kimchi which are less spicy but equally flavorful as ya cai.

For instance, baek-kimchi is a condiment offering sui mi yacai-like flavor to foo dishes without overpowering the spice level. If not, try other kimchi substitutes to replace yacai in Dan Dan noodles or other ideal recipes.



Doubanjiang is another fermented Chinese sauce people love to add to their star recipes. Its texture and flavor seem closer to ya cai making your replacement easy and quick.

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When using as a sui mi ya cai substitute, lower the amount of doubanjiang by ¼ part. This is because doubanjiang is tangier, spicier, saltier, and pungent than ya cai and can make your sichuan cooking unconditionally overwhelmed.

Additionally, you can also check for other closer alternatives to doubanjiang to replace yacai according to your taste preferences.

Miso Paste

Miso Paste
Miso Paste

Miso paste is another fermented condiment ready to be used in place of sui mi ya cai. It offers a strong umami flavor deliciously packed with pronounced savory, sweet, and salty taste notes.

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When used in Dan Dan noodles, miso paste is unable to mimic the texture of ya cai but can be used to get similar ya cai flavor profile instead.

Its 1:1 ratio will work great in your recipes when there’s no kimchi and doubanjiang on hand to replace sui mi yacai.

Regular Pickle

Regular Pickle
Regular Pickle

Are you a finger-licking fan of the preserved vegetables or love to serve them with all your central treats? If yes, you can use your favorite preserved or pickled veggies instead of ya cai.

Several Chinese pickles such as Tianjin seasoning, Dongcai, and daikon radish pickles are some prominent substitutes for swapping ya cai in your favorite Chinese meals.

Homemade Ya Cai Substitute

Besides hiring an entirely new one candidate to switch yacai, prepare your own loving version of yacai in minutes. You just have to arrange ingredients including napa cabbage, green onions, celery stalks, minced beef, and optionally mustard greens.

Moreover, you need spices and seasonings such as soy sauce, sugar, soup stock, paprika, and salt. After mixing beef and veggies, saute the mixture on a skillet by adding sugar in intervals. Then, add other seasonings and spices and let them be cooked for 3 to 4 minutes.

This way, you can either prepare your own sui mi ya cai alternative or hire any other closer alternative in your Sichuan treat.

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