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Substitute For Tortilla Chips For A Keto – Friendly Diet

Substitute For Tortilla Chips
Substitute For Tortilla Chips

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The higher sodium and calorie content of tortilla chips are major factors forcing people to opt for any healthy substitute for tortilla chips. And if you’re pretty conscious about your calorie intake, why you don’t think of switching your snacks with healthy ones?

There’s no doubt that tortilla chips are our recipe essential, they’re so versatile, delicious, crunchy, and have the potential to turn simple foods into tasty creations. They simply go amazing even when you eat them plain or with any dip or sauce, and so one can eat irresistibly non-stop.

But can you believe that tortilla chips are rich in dietary carbs and mainly contribute to average weight gain? So, it’s time to replace things a little bit with healthy alternatives to make living healthy while maintaining the flavor of the taste buds similarly satisfying.

Substitutes For Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chip alternatives are a whole package of delicious flavor and umami crunch. They’re so versatile in the way of prepping and thus offer you a variety of options whether you fry them, bake them, or enjoy them raw. Even the mixture of all these chips looks like a magical combo for taste buds.

The decision will entirely depend on you and your craving recipe whether you favor snack crunch or love to enjoy chips together with a yummy dip. So, let’s see what stimulates you the most.

  1. Kale Chips

Kale Chips for Substitutes
Kale Chips for Substitutes

Kale chips might be your first preference instead of tortilla chips because of their health benefits. These healthy snacks will prevent you from munching carb-rich tortilla chips.

To more, kale chips will always be there to satisfy your vegan-friendly diet. Another great benefit you can avail is their easy and quick way of prepping.

Just sprinkle olive oil on fresh kale leaves and roll them properly. After that, cut them into equal sizes, pinch toothpicks into individual pieces and bake. You’ve your replacement ready to munch deliciously.

  1. Crackers

Crackers for Substitutes
Crackers for Substitutes

No time for preparing kale chips, there’s another healthy substitution for you. What about crackers which you love to eat with savory treats? Crackers or unsalted crackers to be more precise, are the best option to go with when you are craving tortilla chips.

Crackers are light, crunchy, and rich in fibers you can enjoy with a savory dip of your choice. Since they can’t replace the natural and healthy chips, avoid overconsuming crackers.

  1. Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips
Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips are an amazing substitute for tortilla chips in terms of a variety of health benefits and rich nutrient profile. Baking is the ultimate and easy option to make sweet, healthy, and crunchy snacks.

Their texture and flavor are not similar to tortilla chips but still they’re special in their own way. Just slice sweet potatoes thinly and put them in the oven to bake out snacks that everyone will surely love to munch on.

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  1. Tofu Chips

Tofu Chips for Substitutes
Tofu Chips for Substitutes

Tofu chips are lower in dietary carbs yet higher in protein, so opt for them if you’re satisfied enough. They give you a couple of options that you can either fry or bake depending on your calorie intake.

Otherwise, tofu chips are great alternative for tortilla chips and will definitely stimulate your taste buds similarly as tortilla snacks.

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  1. Beanitos

Beanitos for Substitutes
Beanitos for Substitutes

Beanitos are also good to replace Doritos even for vegan guys. Owing to their flavor versatility and availability, beanitos can quickly satisfy your snack tooth with a delicious crunch.

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However, beanitos are not good enough to munch every time. So, enjoy them occasionally and instead, try to make your own healthy replacements.

  1. Pop Chips

Pop Chips for Substitutes
Pop Chips for Substitutes

Popchips are closer to beanitos and similarly flavorful, vegan-friendly, and healthy. Since popchips are made from corn, salt, and corn oil, so they have the similar flavor as tortilla chips.

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So, if you’re looking for a tortilla chip replacement to get similar flavor profile, popchips are ideal snacks to go with.

Keto Substitutes For Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are not keto-friendly snacks because of their ingredient profile. So, if you are going to start a keto diet plan, it’s time to decide your keto alternative for tortilla chips.

We have collected some uniquely flavorful snacks with a texture and flavor mostly like doritos and tortilla chips. So, check out which one that suits your keto life style the most.

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  1. Zucchini Chips

Zucchini Chips for Substitutes
Zucchini Chips for Substitutes

Zucchini chips are the best keto-friendly chips, party snacks, and appetisers. They are lower in dietary carbs and calories while rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Baking is the best way to make a quick tortilla chip alternative with a great crisp and delicious flavor. Slice zucchini thinly, sprinkle olive oil or spices of your choice, and bake in the oven. You’ve your favorite chips on hand.

  1. Radish Chips

Radish Chips for Substitutes
Radish Chips for Substitutes

Radish chips offer you another healthy snack option with a nice crisp and fresh flavor. In the case of radish, you can either fry radish pieces or bake them like zucchini chips.

If you’ve never tried radish chips before, it’s a great way to do a culinary experiment and surely you’ll love to bake radish. To more, you can also enjoy radish slices raw after sprinkling a few spices or dry herbs.

  1. Pepperoni Chips

Pepperoni Chips for Substitutes
Pepperoni Chips for Substitutes

Everyone loves pepperoni topping on pizza, salads, and various other savory treats. But did you know, pepperoni is also a great substitute for tortilla chips? Yes, baked pepperoni can really satisfy your tortilla chip craving deliciously and healthily.

Even if you have salami on hand, it’s also a great party snack and appetiser instead of tortilla chips.

    10. Keto Tortilla Chips

Keto Tortilla Chips for Substitutes
Keto Tortilla Chips for Substitutes

Be a little creative and experimental with your recipe ingredients and try to make your own keto tortilla chips. Don’t worry, you required few ingredients including almond flour or corn flour, mozzarella cheese, and spices of your preferences.

This way, substituting tortilla chips isn’t a big deal when you’ve a lot of healthy and keto-friendly ideas to try.


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