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Strawberry Emulsion Substitute – Here’s Know What To Use Next!

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Strawberry Emulsion Substitute
Strawberry Emulsion Substitute

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Strawberry emulsion substitute really works great in baking and cooking recipes when you’ve no strawberry emulsion to use next.

Strawberry emulsion is a concentrated liquid of a dark red color with a taste much like fresh berries. It’s an ideal addition to flavoring desserts, cakes, candies, and frostings.

Strawberry emulsion is available in two versions; water-based and alcohol-based while water-based emulsion is usually preferred. Water-based emulsion empowers the final flavor of the dish and doesn’t evaporate even at elevated baking temperatures.

Most of the time, when you find no strawberry emulsion in the pantry to bake things ideally, opt for other great strawberry emulsion substitutes.

Strawberry Emulsion Substitute

Strawberry-flavored creations always inspired us delectably with their eye-popping hue and creamy goodness. Thereby, star bakers always keep their pantry loaded with strawberry condiments including strawberry emulsion.

And in the case, if you’ve missed any staple ingredient for your thanksgiving recipe, go for the closest replacement instead. Similarly, substituting strawberry emulsion in desserts, beverages, cocktails, and baking recipes isn’t challenging if you’ve any of the following ingredients on hand.

Some of the given alternatives are good to replace the flavor of strawberry emulsion while some offer a similar color and consistency. So, make your beloved recipes extra-special and umami even without strawberry emulsion.

1.  Strawberry Extract

Strawberry Extract
Strawberry Extract

Strawberry extract is not as concentrated as strawberry emulsion but it’s a closer alternative in terms of flavor. Made from fresh seasonal strawberries, it offers natural fruity goodness to your craving recipes.

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It differs from strawberry emulsion in the way that it’s an alcohol-based condiment while emulsions are water-based. If seems suitable, swap every tablespoon of emulsion with a tablespoon of extract to get similar flavor outcomes.

2.  Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is a great strawberry emulsion substitute in frostings, toppings, and fillings. In fact, a great breakfast of pancakes is incomplete without strawberry syrup.

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Additionally, a dash of strawberry syrup is enough to make an attractive sweet treat. Most importantly, strawberry syrup is alcohol-free and water-based, just like strawberry emulsion. So, consider one-to-one ratio of syrup instead of strawberry emulsion and enjoy the great replacement.

3.  Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam is another worthy substitute for strawberry emulsion that is concentrated, refreshingly colorful, and irresistibly flavorful. It’s a great addition to desserts, cakes, and frostings making them just out of the world.

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Its one-to-ratio works a long way in place of strawberry emulsion to caress your palate with natural berry flavor.

Other Strawberry Emulsion Substitute

Not everyone is a crazy fan of strawberry flavor and craving something differently delicious and stimulating taste. So, here are some non-strawberry substitutions for strawberry emulsion one can swap freely.

4.  Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Extract

Baking lovers always keep vanilla extract in the pantry to make their creations secretly umami and aromatic. Vanilla extract gives a concentrated sweet and floral taste to desserts, cakes, ice cream, and frostings.

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Replace one tablespoon of strawberry emulsion with half a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Otherwise, vanilla extract can overpower the dish unappealingly.

5.  Raspberry Extract

Raspberry Extract
Raspberry Extract

Raspberry extract will give you a similar reddish hue with a different fruity taste and flavor. Its fruity-floral sweetness will make your cakes, desserts, frostings, and pastries deliciously stunning.

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Replace one tablespoon of strawberry emulsion with half a tablespoon of raspberry extract and you’ll surely fall in love with your replacement.


Is Strawberry Extract The Same As Strawberry Emulsion?

No, strawberry extract and emulsion are not the same. Although they both incorporate strawberries as a staple ingredient, they are different condiments made with different methods.

Emulsions are superior to extracts as they’re water-based and withstand the elevated cooking temperature without spoiling the recipe texture. In contrast, strawberry extract is an alcohol-based condiment and used to give a characteristic fruity aroma to selective baking dishes.

What To Substitute Strawberry Emulsion In Cocktails?

Substituting strawberry emulsion is easy and quick when comes to cocktails and beverages. This is because here you’ve an option to use lemon, cherry, and mint flavor in drinks instead of strawberries.

So, if you’re crazy about fruity strawberry flavor, opt for cherry extract or raspberry extract as a great alternative. And if want something different but closer to strawberries, use lemon extract or mint extract in your favorite cocktails in place of strawberry emulsion.

What Does Strawberry Emulsion Taste Like?

Strawberry emulsion is a concentrated sweet sauce made with fresh-picked seasonal strawberries. Thus, it offers a balanced combination of fruity flavor and floral aroma.

It tastes like fresh ripe berries to some people while some consider strawberry emulsion a great fruity flavoring enriches in natural sweetness.

Can You Make Strawberry Emulsion?

Preparing homemade strawberry emulsion is as easy as throwing strawberries and sugar in the water. These three ingredients are enough to give you a fresh water-based emulsion ready to use in your beloved creations.

Take a pot half-filled with water and add two cups of chopped strawberries to it. Let the strawberries simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, add ½ cup of granulated sugar to the mixture and wait until it thickens the sauce and that’s it. You can also optionally add strawberry syrup to this natural emulsion and enjoy.

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