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Soy Glaze Substitute (Here’s 8 Easy DIY Alternative Ideas)

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Soy Glaze Substitute
Soy Glaze Substitute

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Soy glaze is an upgraded version of soy sauce that you can drizzle over anything to amp up flavor. However, can you substitute soy glaze in your coming recipe when getting short on it? And can you make your own soy glaze? All this and many more are coming ahead. So, keep reading.

Soy Glaze Substitute

Soy glaze or sweet soy glaze is an Asian-styled condiment used to make recipes unique and thanksgiving. On the whole, soy glaze packs a perfect punch of savory flavor with a sweet umami oomph.

Soy glaze can do a lot more than simply a soy sauce. You can use this silky-smooth condiment as a delicious side sauce, recipe finishing ingredient, cooking base, and many more. And if you love grilled meat or pork, soy glaze can turn your beloved treats into uber-tasty creations.

However, sometimes it gets pretty hard to find a soy glaze bottle in grocery stores or condiment aisles, and it may be possible that you forget to spot this stellar recipe ingredient in your shopping cart.

Whatever the case, you are at the mercy of sweet soy glaze substitutes. You can also make your own soy glaze alternative and can opt for comparable sauces you already have in the pantry.

Here is a generous list of all the possible sweet soy glaze replacements that you can use in an emergency. Go ahead and find out if you have any of these on hand. Otherwise, make your own sweet soy glaze and enjoy your signature recipes with delight.

Wait a minute! Get this Kikkoman Sweet Soy Glaze for your grilling, roasting, and dipping when you don’t want to sacrifice the recipe flavor.

1. Sweet Soy Sauce

Sweet Soy Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce

Sweet soy sauce is the best and closest alternative to soy glaze, thanks to its robust flavor. It is a sweetened brown sauce that works pretty much like soy glaze in your Asian-inspired cooking.

The overall flavor is sweet, savory, and umami with a hint of fermented tartness. In terms of texture, sweet soy sauce is not so far from soy glaze. The fermented soybeans and other grains make the sauce darker, thicker, and smoother.

It works great in noodles, ramen, stir-fries, and pasta dishes as a key recipe ingredient. You can also drizzle it over omelettes, sandwiches, savory rolls, fried rice, and steaks. Serve your beloved savory treats or meat dishes with sweet soy sauce as a side condiment.

And of course, you can give a nice appetizing and appealing glaze to your grilled and roasted dishes similar to soy glaze.

Which One You Should Buy? Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce is a great go to condiment for your stir-fries, grilled meat, and roasted meat dishes. Drizzle it over egg rolls, cheese platters, and dumplings for extra umami flavor.

2. Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin Sauce
Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin sauce is another fermented sauce that you can use to substitute soy glaze while cooking. Even though the hoisin sauce flavor varies from sweet to salty, tangy to sour, and mild to spicy, the ingredient profile of this sauce shares some common ingredients.

Fermented soybeans, sugar, garlic, chili peppers, seasonings, and a variety of spices come together to make this staple sauce. It’s a darker, thicker, and slightly sweet condiment with pleasing tangy undernotes.

Hoisin sauce can be your best glazing condiment for grilled poultry, pork, and duck. You can make a sweet and savory base for noodles, pasta, and meat dishes. Make hoisin sauce your serving condiment, and you will never miss soy glaze.

Add a splash of honey or molasses to hoisin sauce for a more authentic and soy glaze-like robust flavor.

Which One You Should Buy? Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce offers a balanced punch of sweet and savory taste notes that perfectly complement vegetarian food dishes. It can be your great glazing condiment, dipping sauce, or table sauce.

3. Teriyaki Glaze

Teriyaki Glaze
Teriyaki Glaze

Teriyaki glaze works wonders when you want to replace soy glaze to coat roasted or grilled meat, thanks to its comparable ingredient profile. The essential ingredients are soy sauce, sugar, mirin, honey, and a blend of spices similar to soy glaze.

On the whole, teriyaki glaze contains a perfect sweet and tangy flavor closer to soy glaze. The texture is rich, smooth, and thicker that can serve you as a great soy glaze alternative.

Which one you should buy? Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze offers that similar sweet and savory umami oomph comparable to soy glaze. Now, coat your seafood, poultry, pork, and vegetables with this stellar ingredient.

4. Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce
Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce utilizes minimal ingredients yet infuses a unique flavor oomph into the recipes. Whenever you want to delight a sauce with sweet, tangy, savory, and salty notes, oyster sauce will always win the spot.

Luckily, oyster sauce is also a great soy glaze substitute in your cooking dishes as a recipe ingredient and a side sauce for various mainstays. The syrup-like thicker and smooth consistency of oyster sauce allows you to manipulate this sauce in a way like soy glaze.

Which One You Should Buy? Thai Oyster Sauce is a wonderful addition to your savory treats that you can either use as a dipping sauce or make your great recipe secret.

5. Coconut Aminos

Coconut Aminos
Coconut Aminos

Coconut aminos is more comparable and closer to sweet soy sauce in terms of flavor and final mouthfeel. And the good thing is that coconut aminos is soy-free and gluten-free, making it great allergen-free alternative.

The one thing you will miss is the silkiest smooth and thicker texture, similar to soy glaze. However, you can make coconut aminos your favorite side sauce or a recipe ingredient. It can make your cooking base, marinade, and stir-fries uniquely flavorful and umami.

Despite its name, coconut aminos does not feel like nibbling on coconut sap, yet it tastes really magical in the world of condiments.

Which One You Should Buy? Bragg Coconut Aminos is a robust flavor enhancer and all-time great seasoning stir-fry veggies, tofu, tempeh, salads, rice and beans in addition to meat dishes. You can also you this product as an alternative to worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, tamari, and soy glaze.

Easy DIY Soy Glaze Substitute Ideas

What if you are unable to get any of the above-given condiments on hand? It’s time to make your own sub using available ingredients. Are you ready to make a flavorful experiment that will never let you down either way? If yes, go ahead and win.

6. Soy Sauce And Molasses

Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Since soy glaze gets its primary flavor from soy sauce, you can make your own sub using regular soy sauce. Regular soy sauce is not as thicker and robust as sweet soy glaze. So, you need to thicken up the sauce.

To get a sweet, savory, and umami oomph of soy glaze, add a generous dollop of molasses to soy sauce. Take ¼ cup of molasses, ¼ of water, and ½ cup of regular soy sauce and combine them. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer until reduced up to half.

This way, soy sauce will contribute robust savor, and molasses comes up with sweet yum to delight you similar to soy glaze.

Which One You Should Buy? Kikkoman Soy Sauce is great to rescue your recipes when you are looking for soy glaze as a recipe ingredient. To make a soy glaze alternative, get Plantation Blackstrap Organic Molasses.

7. Barbecue Sauce And Honey

Barbecue Sauce And Honey
Barbecue Sauce And Honey

Barbecue sauce is available in a variety of flavor bottles, including sweet, salty, savory, tangy, and spicy. Thereby, you can use a sweeter version as a go to substitute for soy glaze. However, if you have any other barbecue sauce flavor on hand, add a splash of honey to get a better flavor.

Add one tablespoon of honey to ½ cup of barbecue sauce, mix well, and use anywhere you want to use soy glaze.

Which One You Should Buy? Traeger Barbecue Sauce offers a balanced punch of tangy and savory bites following with sweet taste undernotes. Upgrade barbecue sauce using Nature Nates Pure Honey to get a sauce closer to soy glaze.

8. Tamari Sauce And Molasses

Tamari Sauce And Molasses
Tamari Sauce And Molasses

Tamari sauce is not an intensely-flavored sauce yet packs a comparable yum and richer texture similar to soy glaze. In fact, it’s a great alternative option for people who are looking for a less salty sauce option instead of soy sauce.

To get a flavor closer to soy glaze, take advantage of the complex savor of molasses. Molasses will turn the deep umami flavor of tamari sauce into a sweet and rich flavor blend.

Add 2 tablespoon of molasses to ½ cup of tamari sauce, give a gentle mix, and your go to alternative is ready to use.

Which One You Should Buy? San-J Tamari Sauce is a gluten-free sauce with a richer texture and complex flavor yet mellower than regular soy sauce.

Pick Up The Best Soy Glaze Substitute

Do you have any idea how to put your hands on the best alternative to soy glaze for your coming recipe? It becomes more challenging when tons of options are available out there. So, how can you choose the best one?

Well, test your final pick on the basis of the given standards to find out culinary wonders.

Flavor: The appealingly complex flavor of soy glaze lies somewhat between soy sauce and molasses as it packs relatable savory yum and sweet taste. So, if you find an alternative containing soy sauce, molasses, or honey as an ingredient, it can be your best bet.

Texture & Consistency: Soy glaze has a thicker, smoother, and stickier consistency with a silky and caramelized texture. That’s a reason soy glaze is perfect for coating or glazing meats and vegetables.

So, if you are looking for a condiment similar to soy glaze, opt for a thicker and more concentrated sauce. And if you are going to replace soy glaze as a recipe ingredient, any relatable sauce can do the job.

Soy-Free Alternative: Sometimes, people look for soy-free replacement for soy glaze to prevent soy allergy. In this case, any of the soy-free alternatives can work for you despite of the texture and consistency.

Availability: In any case, if you are unable to locate soy glaze in your local grocery stores, go for a candidate that is readily available in your region.

In short, the perfect replacement for sweet soy glaze depends on your recipe and the way you are going to use it.

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