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Optavia Detox Symptoms (Here’s Optavia Side Effects & How To Survive)

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Are you going to start your weight loss journey with Optavia? Be aware of the common Optavia detox symptoms and potential side effects of Optavia diet you can face in a long run.

Although the Optavia diet plan is all about developing good and healthy eating habits, it’s true that your body has to adapt to the new diet routine. And therefore, many people have reported that they suffered various unusual health conditions at the beginning of weight loss journey with Optavia.

Since Optavia diet works by driving your body to a fat burn state or detox phase in which the excessive stored fat and toxins are metabolized, it causes various detox conditions in the first couple of weeks. That’s why, we consider this topic addressable and compile all the Optavia diet side effects, detox conditions, and various effectively useful tips and tricks to survive the Optavia journey healthily. So, let’s get started.

Optavia Detox Symptoms

Optavia diet plan comprises two components; the Optavia fuelings and Optavia lean and green meals. All the weight loss diet programs offered by Optavia are variable combinations of these two components.

Optavia fuelings and lean and green meals are obviously different from your daily routine foods both in terms of flavor and nutrition. So, when you start the Optavia diet plan and follow the instructions of the Optavia coaching community, your body resists this diet change.

As a result, people face different health conditions based on their immunity strength. So, there are chances that you may not suffer from any of the following Optavia detox symptoms or even find most of these in your weight loss journey.

Most of the time, people reported headache, low blood glucose levels, fatigue, hunger, bad breath, and gas in the first few days of Optavia diet.

Others face intense carb craving, anxiety, mood swings, mild depression, irritability, and dizziness.

Besides these short-lived or transient detox side effects, some people also reviewed acute health conditions such as abnormal digestion, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping, and disturbed sleep/wake cycle.

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How To Survive Optavia Detox Symptoms?

optavia detox symptoms
optavia detox symptoms
  • To satisfy hunger in the beginning, add one or two optional snacks to your diet. You can also try cheaper yet healthy Optavia fueling substitutes.
  • To overcome frequent headache and fatigue, prepare exotically nutritious Optavia lean and green recipes that are totally on plan.
  • Drink adequate water to stay hydrated.
  • Prepare aesthetically fresh and filling smoothies or shakes by following approved Optavia fueling hacks.
  • Go for a morning walk, sleep frequently, spend time with your family and friends, stay motivated, and ensure your contact with the Optavia coaching community.
  • Go through the success stories of people who have shed their target fat by engaging themselves with Optavia, remember why you started this journey, and don’t let these detox symptoms override you.
  • If the given health conditions persist, visit professional doctors or dieticians and discuss the situation.
  • Don’t force yourself to stick to the Optavia diet when your body fails to adapt to this diet change.

Pro Tips And Tricks!

  • Talk to your family doctor before entering into the diverse world of Optavia weight loss if you’ve gout, kidney diseases, digestion problems, or liver-related disorders.
  • Optavia diet may not be a heart or diabetes-friendly diet, so discuss your situation with Optavia dieticians or experts if you have any such previous health disorders.
  • Go for special dietician recommendations if you are lactose intolerant or a patient of hypoglycemia.
  • Discuss if you are allergic to soy or gluten-based products, patient of high blood pressure, or vegan before choosing the right Optavia diet plan.

All these guidelines will reduce Optavia detox symptoms to a great extent and help you to survive in a long run of weight loss journey.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Optavia Diet?

Although millions of people get benefited from Optavia, it isn’t safe diet routine for everyone. To some people, it causes acute Optavia detox symptoms while others face various gut issues and digestion problems. Since the Optavia diet is low calorie, nutrient-limited, and heavily processed, your body may not get usual to this diet change.

Does Optavia Diet Make You Feel Tired?

It’s true that Optavia diet causes fatigue and feel you like tired or cramped. This is because of eating low-calorie diet, drinking too much water, and skipping your favorite and habitual starchy foods and fruits. However, this sensation of tiredness passes out in a couple of days and your body will adapt to the new diet routine.

Are Optavia Detox Symptoms Short Lived?

And the answer is yes. Most of the time, these detox body conditions are temporary and recover soon. Well, it also depends on your body’s reaction and immunity level that how it adapts to a new diet routine. In the case of severe and persistent symptoms, contact your doctor or discuss with the Optavia coaching center.

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