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Maltose substitute Excellent for Cooking and Baking

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Maltose sugar is a disaccharide containing two glucose molecules but less sweet than table sugar or sucrose. It is also well known as malt syrup or malt sugar and pretty common in baking and savory recipes. But you must consider the best maltose substitute for your recipes that can work great when maltose isn’t available.

Maltose sugar being less sweet doesn’t change the overall flavor of a food recipe. In baking dishes, it helps the fermentation process and yields soft and fluffy goods. Besides, it gives a glossy shine to the roasted meat and vegetables, making them crunchier and crispier.

There are so many ingredients that can work like maltose in your recipes and resemble it in various ways. But there’s no one can replace maltose completely for their different taste and consistency.

Here is a great compilation containing the closest alternatives for maltose for both cooking and baking recipes.

Maltose Substitute

Maltose is a thick liquid, usually semi-solid, at room temperature. Its thicker consistency and milder flavor give roasted dishes a nice crisp and glossy look.

For substituting maltose in cooking, you should go for an ingredient resembling maltose in texture and consistency. The most common maltose substitutions are maple extract, caramelized brown sugar, molasses, and agave nectar.

In baking, maltose sugar serves as a nutrient reservoir for feeding yeast, thus assisting fermentation. This way, it gives a nice dough rise and softer baked creations.

For substituting maltose in baking, you must choose those ingredients resembling the flavor of maltose. The most common alternatives are honey, barley malt syrup, corn syrup, and brown sugar syrup.

Maltose Substitute in Cooking

When you are going to make roasted meat, poultry, or pork, you find that the essential ingredient is missing. After all, the ultimate glossy look comes from a fine coating and glazing of maltose.

So, whenever you don’t find maltose on hand, try any alternative from the given list instead of maltose.

1. Maple Extract

Maple Extract

Maple extract is a concentrated and flavorful liquid suit pretty well with savory food recipes. Its more substantial and robust maple flavor makes the dish extra delicious and mouth-watering.

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Luckily, it can substitute maltose in cooking dishes too. In place of maltose, glaze your meat or poultry with maple extract and get the closest impression of maltose.

2. Caramelized Brown Sugar


Another ingredient that can replace maltose is caramelized brown sugar. It will work great when you want to get the same texture and flavor as the maltose.

Caramelizing brown sugar isn’t a challenging task to do. Just heat the brown sugar on the stovetop for a while or melt it using a blowtorch. Both these ways yield a nice caramel ready to replace maltose in your cooking recipes.

3. Molasses


Molasses is a sweet, viscous, and dark-colored extract mostly used in baking recipes. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in recipes other than baking.

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Its thick texture and dark color give the same glossy shine and crispy skin to the meat, just like maltose. Its sugar caramelizes deliciously, making roasted dishes crunchy, crispy, and worth eating.

Besides substituting maltose, molasses is also a great non-malted substitute for diastatic malt powder.

4. Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar

Another ingredient that resembles maltose in having the same texture and consistency is agave nectar. It may overpower the flavor of a dish, so make sure to use it in those recipes where it blends with other ingredients nicely.

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Agave nectar isn’t very common and therefore rarely available in the food cabinet. But if you’ve it luckily, use it instead of maltose or other sweeteners in your cooking.

Maltose Substitute in Baking

Maltose is traditionally meant for desserts and baked goods like bagels and gingerbread. In baking, you can try honey, barley malt syrup, corn syrup, and brown sugar syrup instead of maltose.

1. Honey


Honey is the best sweeter and thicker replacement for maltose sugar that you can try in your sweet treats. It’s a cost-effective sweetener usually available in the kitchen for its versatile nature and uses.

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The one thing to be noted is that 1:1 ratio can overpower the flavor of a dish. This is because honey is far sweeter than maltose. So, use half amount of honey as compared to maltose to get the same outcomes as the original.

2. Barley Malt Syrup

Barley Malt Syrup

As its name suggests, barley malt syrup is made from barley grains. It’s a liquid sweetener used in bakery products for the same purposes as maltose.

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Therefore, you can also swap maltose with barley malt syrup and finish your recipe smartly. The only difference between the two ingredients is the final recipe flavor.

Maltose is quite neutral as compared to barley malt syrup, thus you must use it where it pairs great with other recipe ingredients.

3. Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup as a maltose alternative gets favor when it comes to competing for the flavor of a dish. Just like maltose, corn syrup is also milder in taste. So, you can use it in every recipe that calls for maltose.

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Corn syrup may be your first choice because it’s always on hand and also affordable.

4. Brown Sugar Syrup

Brown Sugar Syrup

If nothing seems suitable for your recipe, give a trial chance to brown sugar syrup. It is available in a variety of consistency ranging from thin to thick and thicker versions.

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For replacing maltose, go for thicker brown sugar syrup. Besides, you can also use brown sugar in cooking recipes as a good maltose substitute.

In short, there’s no restriction for using the exact recipe ingredient to prepare your beloved food dish. Know your recipe well to switch ingredients that are unavailable for any reason.

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