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Gorgonzola Substitute – Here’s 9 Blue and Non-Blue Cheese Options


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Knowing the best gorgonzola substitute is pretty much essential as it can help you whenever this blue cheese is out of stock. The best thing is that you can replace gorgonzola with both blue and non-blue cheese alternatives. So, let’s find the best one for your coming recipe.

Gorgonzola is one of the appreciated blue cheeses loved by cheese lovers. It is primarily produced in northern Italy in gorgonzola town to be exact, and is well known among cheese enthusiasts overseas.

Its sharp, spicy, and unmatched rich flavor makes gorgonzola cheese stand out in the culinary world. People prefer it over other cheese kinds to get a unique spicy flavor and cheesy goodness that is quite hard to replace.

But we have got some gorgonzola substitutes that you can use to get nearby tangy mouthfeel and texture in your food as the original. So, let’s know them one by one.

How To Pick Up The Best Gorgonzola Substitute?

Choosing the best alternative for gorgonzola cheese may become a serious headache when you come across plenty of feasible options out there. At that time, you need to consider the given factors before going for an ultimate cheesy substitute.

Flavor: Gorgonzola is a fully flavored cheese rich in sharp and salty taste notes with a hint of earthiness.

On the whole, gorgonzola stimulates taste buds with a strong savory aroma and hits the palate with a soft buttery mouthfeel. So, the candidate with a rich and creamy flavor will win the spot when it comes to sub gorgonzola.

Texture: Gorgonzola cheese offers a varying texture depending on the type you are going to pick up. It can be soft, creamy, and buttery to feel and can be a bit crumbly and firm. So, opt for an intermediate option with a texture not so gooey or hard to touch.

Aging Period: Gorgonzola is an aged cheese and gets mature in a moldy brine solution. The soft and creamy gorgonzola gets mature in 3 months, whereas firm or crumbly gorgonzola undergoes aging for up to a year. In short, aged cheese kinds are best to replace gorgonzola in your recipes.

Blue Or Non-Blue: Gorgonzola is a blue cheese made with an edible mold and matured for a certain period to develop a sharp flavor.

Over time, mold grows and gives a spotted or marbled texture to the cheese. So, put your hands on a moldy blue cheese to switch gorgonzola originally.

Gorgonzola Substitute

Gorgonzola is a blue cheese with a soft crumbly texture made from the pasteurized milk of cow. Its color may be white or pale yellow marbled with a blue-veined penicillin fungus.

Mainly, there are two kinds of gorgonzola cheese, gorgonzola dolce and gorgonzola piccante.

Dolce is sometimes known as the sweet version of gorgonzola cheese having a soft, creamy texture with a sweet buttery flavor. Its soft spreadable texture is due to the less aging period, mostly 2 months.

Piccante is spicier and more complex to taste having a firm crumbly texture. Its flavor and texture complexity is due to a greater aging period, usually more than 3 months.

After considering the flavor and texture profile of gorgonzola, it seems challenging to replace it with any other cheese. But what if it is unavailable to be used in a dish?

Well, there are some ideas that you can try instead of gorgonzola cheese and see what suits you the most. Let’s take a look.

1. Stilton

Gorgonzola substitute

Stilton comes first to aid your recipes when looking for the closest cheese to gorgonzola. It resembles gorgonzola in terms of having an intense spicy flavor and soft crumbly texture.

Just like two kinds of gorgonzola cheese, stilton also has two versions, blue and white stilton. Blue stilton is closest to piccante while white stilton resembles dolce the most.

Before doing this cheesy replacement, always consider the age of both cheese kinds. Two cheese varieties having the same aging period will be more likely to replace one another.

Stilton can substitute gorgonzola in savory dishes like pasta, sandwiches, and risotto. You can also use it in salads and desserts.

Make A Quick Purchase: Tuxford & Tebbut Stilton Blue Cheese is perfect for adding over grilled dishes, meat recipes, bread, sauces, and salads. Its bold tangy flavor also pairs great with fruits, crackers, and nuts.

2. Maytag

Maytag blue makes a spot in the list of substitutes for gorgonzola thanks to its close resemblance. So, if you have it in your ingredient stock, use it and prepare your delicious meal.

In terms of consistency, Maytag is pretty close to gorgonzola but the difference comes when we are concerned with flavor. Maytag is sharp and tangy to taste with somewhat tart or citrusy hints.

So, substitute it where its flavor blends with recipe ingredients and round off the overall taste of a dish. It works great in burgers, savory wraps, and pasta instead of gorgonzola.

Make A Quick Purchase: Maytag Blue Cheese wedges are great to add to soups, stews, sauces, meat dishes, and many more savory treats. It tastes pretty similar to gorgonzola in your recipes, and you can store it longer.

3. Roquefort

french roquefort cheese as a substitute for gorgonzola

Being an intense, pungent, and aromatic blue cheese, Roquefort is another amazing gorgonzola substitute. The final flavor may differ from the original gorgonzola because it uses sheep milk for massive production.

During its three-month ripening, it retains much of its moisture thus have a soft creamy consistency. Thereby, the chunks of delicious Roquefort go amazing in fruit or vegetable salads.

Make A Quick Purchase: Societe Bee Roquefort Blue Cheese made from raw sheep’s milk is soft, creamy, and tangy to taste with a crumbly mouthfeel. It’s great to make cheesy dressings, baguettes, and steaks.

4. Danish Blue

danish blue cheese chunks similar to gorgonzola cheese

Danish blue is another blue cheese made from cow’s milk, just like gorgonzola. Depending upon its aging process, its flavor ranges from mild savory to really pungent spicy taste.

When talking about substitutes for gorgonzola, Danish blue can do the same work. Its creamy soft texture pairs really well with meat or beef dishes and even in soups and stews.

Make A Quick Purchase: PastaCheese Danish Blue is a cow’s milk cheese rich in a tangy flavor, more similar to gorgonzola cheese. It’s semi-soft, milder, and creamer mouthfeel makes dips, sauces, salads, and dressings worth eating.

5. Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco, Another gorgonzola alternative


When looking for the same melting pattern as gorgonzola, queso fresco will cover you here. Being another great gorgonzola alternative, it shares its texture and flavor to some extent.

Its soft crumbly texture melts wonderfully with nice blue strings making this fresh cheese a good substitution for gorgonzola. Add queso fresco to salads, pasta, and even pizza, where its melting strings really matter a lot.

Make A Quick Purchase: Supremo Queso Fresco Fresh Cheese packs a serious punch of creamy and lightly salted flavor with a crumbly texture and cheesy mouthfeel. It’s easy to sprinkle over a range of savory treats with a flavor outcome closer to gorgonzola.

Non-Blue Gorgonzola Substitute

Besides the above-listed substitutes, there’s also some non-blue gorgonzola alternatives for people who want to avoid blue cheese.

The given cheese ideas don’t replace gorgonzola in every dish you are going to prepare. Some resemble gorgonzola in terms of flavor while some are good at intimating the original texture.

So, it’s up to you which substitute you need to choose and use in what kind of the dish. Try them and find what really excites you the most.

1. Goat Cheese

french goat cheese, a non-blue gorgonzola substitute

Goat cheese is like a magical substitution for all those who want to use non-blue cheese instead of gorgonzola. It is easily available and almost remains on hand every time in a kitchen.

Its name predicts that it uses goat’s milk as a primary ingredient that ultimately makes it extra smooth, creamy, and soft. However, its flavor may be milder and less pungent than gorgonzola, but really great for salads and desserts.

Make A Quick Purchase: Whole Foods Market Goat Cheese is a vegetarian staple for dressings, salads, stews, sauces, and pasta dishes. Its smooth milky and creamy texture melts wonderfully, making you feel delightful.

2. Feta

feta cheese, a great non-blue substitution for gorgonzola

The more versatile and flavorful feta is always a good substitution in a variety of dishes. Go for the crumbly version of feta with more complex and savory flavor notes when replacing gorgonzola.

Feta can easily substitute any blue cheese in sandwiches, wraps, and salads for its amazing tangy and salty taste.

Make A Quick Purchase: Valbreso French Feta Cheese is a non-blue cheese yet aged similar to gorgonzola. The final flavor is mildly salty and creamy with a hint of excellent tang.

3. Cheddar


Cheddar is another great non-blue gorgonzola substitute that you can use in meat dishes, soups, sandwiches, and pasta. Keep in mind that mature cheddar will work more like gorgonzola for its greater aging period.

If you are going to use the younger version of cheddar, it will not work the way you expected. So, go for the spicy, rich, and mature kind of cheese in order to get a similar flavor as gorgonzola.

Make A Quick Purchase: igourmet Kerrygold Aged Cheddar Cheese is an excellent alternative for gorgonzola cheese in terms of complex savory flavor. It works well in cheesy sauces, dips, and dressings with a flavor comparable to gorgonzola cheese.

4. Permigiano Reggiano

Permigiano Reggiano

When nothing seems helpful, Permigiano Reggiano comes into play to aid your recipes. It can easily substitute blue cheeses in a number of dishes.

For example, it works nicely in pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, soups, and it’s all time available to make your meal more appealing.

Its average saltiness, tanginess, and pungency with a creamy texture rounds off the overall flavor of a particular savory dish. So, don’t restrict yourself from making new ingredient combinations, as plenty of alternatives are all time available out there.

Make A Quick Purchase: Olio & Olive Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese is a hard textured cheese perfect for long-cooking dishes such as soups, stews, grilled meat dishes, and many more.

Other gorgonzola substitute includes ranch dressing, Shropshire blue, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano.

Try them and find what suits your taste preferences and what really pairs up great with your iconic recipe. It’s all about self-analysis and experiments that will make you the perfect chef even when the right ingredients are not available.


Is Blue Cheese Good For You?

Yes, blue cheese is safe to eat and heavily nutritious than non-blue cheese kinds. It provides a balanced combination of nutrients, minerals, and calories. Blue cheese, including gorgonzola, boosts immunity and nourishes you healthily.

Blue Cheese Vs Gorgonzola

Blue cheese is a general term for cheese kinds with a marbled texture or moldy veins. However, gorgonzola is a type of blue cheese that is available in two versions, gorgonzola dolce and gorgonzola piccante. Blue cheeses are fully flavored and offer a complex savory and aged taste notes. On the other side, gorgonzola is a blue cheese with a relatively milder flavor.

What Cheese Is The Same As Gorgonzola?

Since gorgonzola is a blue cheese, any blue cheese can replace it in a range of your thanksgiving cheesy treats. To be exact, Stilton, Maytag, Roquefort, and Queso Fresco are closer to gorgonzola than other cheese kinds.

What Is A Milder Substitute For Gorgonzola?

All blue cheese kinds pack a stronger kick of aged flavor that isn't go milder in your recipes. So, opt for non-blue cheese to get a mellower flavor. For instance, Parmigiano Reggiano, feta, and goat cheese are milder options to replace gorgonzola.


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