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Externally vented microwave Review (Is it better than convertible Vent?)

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Are you looking for a complete externally vented microwave guide to make a reliable purchase? Or still wondering, whether an exterior vented microwave or a convertible venting option will work best for you? Either way, this review guide is for you.

It’s obvious that your microwave needs ventilation to work efficiently and safely. This is because microwaves work by generating radiations that in turn build air pressure inside the cooking chamber. To release this air out, microwaves come with built-in vents either on the top or sides.

Now the problem is the air that is vented out in the kitchen. The air inside the microwave captures food particles, odors, smoke, and greasy fumes that if released inside the kitchen can make your living painful. So, it needs to be vented out and that’s what externally vented microwaves do for you.

So, if you are coping with which one is meant for you or how you can choose it, go ahead and explore. We have a solution to your problem.

What Is an Externally Vented Microwave?

Externally vented microwaves are equipped with a ducted ventilation system to get rid of the smoke, greasy particles, and overwhelming cooking odors. To do this heavy job, they have a built-in exhaust fan to draw suffocating air out from the microwave through a ducted vent.

Having a ducted microwave in your kitchen means there will be no messy radiated cooking air around you.

Externally ducted microwaves are intended to be installed on the exterior wall to get access to the outside. Thereby, you need to run ductwork in the kitchen wall leading to the exterior of the building.

Although the ductwork seems tedious, time-consuming, or pricy, it will pay off long-term outcomes. You will be free from the worries of vent maintenance and filter replacement over time as the case with a recirculating or ductless microwave.

Specifications Of Externally Vented Microwave

Since ducted microwave feature exterior components to do ventilation, it has different vent requirements. Therefore, you need to do some extra effort for an effective and safe microwave installation.

Externally ducted microwaves can be installed in two ways, either horizontally or vertically. Vertical ducting needs a microwave hood or a wall cap while horizontal ducting requires a rectangular or round duct with elbows. However, an exhaust duct adapter is essential in both situations.

Another thing you need to consider is conform to common building codes for safe microwave installation.

Pro Tips:

  • Ensure your ducted microwave is mounted to both a top cabinet and a kitchen wall for a proper and safe installation.
  • Use the fewest elbows as possible if you are going for a horizontal vent ducting.
  • Be sure that the a venting duct leads the cooking air outside the building rather than to concealed spaces to avoid any damage.

How To Take A Final Decision?

Still confused whether ducted microwave will work best for you or not? Take a breath, we have something helpful for you. Consider the following factors to reveal whether should you go for it or not.

Ducted microwaves are best to fit in a compact kitchen while giving a modern look and unique feel to it. They are designed to save your counter space.

Once you installed the externally vented microwave over the range, all you have done. Moreover, the ventilation strength of ducted microwaves is adequate and long-term as compared to other options.

So, if you want to get rid of the exhaust vent maintenance and frequent filter replacement while enjoying smooth cooking, go for this option. Otherwise, recirculating microwaves need no specific installation yet bring a junk of drawbacks and maintenance hassle that can make you disappointed over time. The choice is yours.

How To Buy Externally Vented Microwave?

Bumping through a variety of microwave options available out there can be daunting or frustrating. In such a decisive moment, you need to know some critical factors before making the best and safe purchase. So, move ahead.

Capacity: The capacity of a microwave allows you to cook a specific volume of foods. The greater the capacity, the better because this way you can carry out microwaving even in larger Cookwares.

Size: Ducted microwaves are available in a variety of size ranges you can pick according to your kitchen dimensions and configurations. Shorter and narrower microwaves work best if you have a compact kitchen otherwise going for a larger one isn’t bad.

Wattage: The microwave with less wattage can do small things like defrosting, melting, heating, and so on. However, if you are going to spend heavy money to get the best externally ducted microwave, put your hands on a powerful one. Usually, the microwave with a wattage of near to 1000 watts is great for your heavy cooking purposes.

Exhaust Fan Volume (CFM): CFM, stands for cubic feet per meter, is a measurement of the exhaust fan efficiency and how much air it can vent. Any microwave within 100 and 400 CFM is the best option to go with.

Modern Functionalities: Other latest features including stainless steel finish, captivating color, automatic settings, and internal sensors are your secondary priorities. Besides, you can also check power-saving options, reachable touchpad location, and presence of interior racks, or turntables to find the best pick.

The best externally vented microwave

Our top pick for the best ducted microwave is GE Over-The-Range Microwave Oven. It brings a classic feel, handy replacement, and value to your kitchen while offering the convenience of cooking.

Above all, it’s easy to mount and install over the cooktop or in the cabinet so you need no worries about installation. This GE appliance is easy to operate and comes with a sensitive human touchpad to perform actions smoothly.

If looking for modern features, this microwave will never feel you let down anyway. This exterior vent microwave features four power levels, three light settings, and two vent speed controls. You can expect power saving, sensor cooking, convenient defrosting, reheating, and many more from this modern addition.


  • 6 cu. Ft. capacity to ensure even cooking of larger volumes of food.
  • 1000 watts power allows you to cook heavy food batch.
  • 25 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches microwave size to complement your kitchen dimensions.
  • Easy to install.
  • 300 CFM venting fan to promise perfect airflow and ventilation.
  • Convenience cooking controls make your living comfortable and quick.


  • Not comes with a butter melting option.
  • Doesn’t feature steam clean.

Externally Vented Microwave Vs Convertible Vent

An exterior vent microwave or a ducted microwave has a built-in ventilation system to pull the cooking air outside the building. You need to install it over the cooktop to connect its duct system to the exterior wall of the kitchen. These microwaves once installed remain fixed.

On the other hand, a convertible vent microwave is a flexible option. It features dual functionality as it can be mounted over the cooktop to vent the air outside the kitchen or converted into a recirculating microwave.

It seems that ducted microwave offers limited convenience of choosing the vent option, however, it’s a permanent solution to your all microwave-related problems. Make a little effort today and you will get long-term benefits in the coming days.

On the opposite side, a convertible microwave can be your best pick if you are currently short on budget. It can be converted into recirculating vent involving no installation and microwave hood selection.

However, it will lose its working efficiency over time including the maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of the exhaust filters.

In the end, a convertible microwave can meet your kitchen needs and budget more likely than an externally vented microwave. It’s also a great option for shorter users.

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The Best Convertible Vented Microwave

GE best convertible vented microwave
GE best convertible vented microwave

GE Over The Range Microwave With Convertible Vent can figure out your budget and vent-related problems. This designer appliance comes with a convertible vent that you can set either as a ducted microwave to clear the cooking air or as recirculating vent to recycle the air back into the kitchen.

It comes with a front vent configuration by default to recirculate air within the kitchen that you can also convert towards the back of the unit to the ducted system.

Two vent-speed controls and ten power levels add value to this product. Convenient cooking controls include reheating, defrosting, add 30 seconds, and mute options to ensure flexible cooking. above all, you can set these variable options either manually or automatically for optimal cooking results.


  • 5 in. turntable size can carry larger Cookwares easily.
  • 6 cu ft. capacity can adjust multiple food batches at a time.
  • 300 CFM vent clears cooking odors, smoke, and steam powerfully.
  • Easy to mount.
  • 950 watts power ensure fast cooking.
  • Electronic touchpad and handy control features make cooking easier.


  • Exhaust vent fan is a bit noisy.


Why You Should Install Externally Vented Microwave?

Ducted microwaves offer convenient ventilation and clear radiated air, steam, odor, and smoke out of the kitchen. The removal of these elements prevents your microwave from overheating and going to be smelly over time.

Should I Vent My Microwave Outside?

Yes, you should vent your microwave outside and it’s necessary too. External vent retains work efficiency longer than recirculating vented microwaves. You need no worry about recirculating filter replacement or frequent filter maintenance.

What Happens If You Don’t Vent A Microwave?

Microwave ventilation is a critical factor to consider for its long-term survival and efficient productivity. External or recirculating vent removes cooking odors, steam, unwanted smell, and fumes from the microwave to keep it workable and clean. Otherwise, microwave tends to lose performance over time and can be filled with an unpleasant smelly odor.

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