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Dubliner Cheese Substitute – Here’s What You Are Looking For!

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Dubliner Cheese Substitute
Dubliner Cheese Substitute

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Dubliner is a complex, robust, and versatile Irish cheese made of pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for about one year. It goes wonderful with savory treats, pasta sauces, chutneys, and seems irresistibly delicious when served with a few slices of bread. To more, you can use the best picky Dubliner cheese substitute if not have Dubliner on hand.

Dubliner cheese is produced in country Cork and marketed as Kerrygold Dubliner. Kerrygold is a major brand or producer of this Irish cheese. One can go for Kerrygold cheese substitute to replace it complimentarily in food recipes and savory dishes.

Below is a list of all possible Dubliner cheese alternatives which work great either in terms of flavor, texture, or melting properties. So, let’s check the out to find the best one.

Dubliner Cheese Substitute

Dubliner is a good melting cheese and so makes the dishes cheesy, stringy, and flavorful. This splendid cheese belongs to the cheddar family and has a similar firm, crystalline, and smooth texture too.

However, Dubliner cheese becomes a bit challenging to explain in terms of flavor. This is because it offers an insane combination of cheddar-like sharpness, Swiss-like nuttiness, and a parmesan-like feel and bite.

Thereby, you must choose an alternative having one or more Dubliner-like features. By the way, you can also pursue your flavor and textural preferences while picking up a great cheesy replacement.

  1. Irish Cheddar – Your First Preference

Irish Cheddar for substitute
Irish Cheddar for substitute

Besides a good cheddar cheese alternative, Irish cheddar is also an amazing Dubliner replacement. It’s a white, versatile, and flavorful cheddar made with Irish milk.

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Its flavor profile ranges from mild nutty to potent sharp, making it a great compliment for various kinds of mild and strong recipe dishes. So, pick up any Irish cheddar version to satisfy your cheesy tooth delightfully.

  1. Ardagh Castle Ricotta

Ardagh castle ricotta is another Irish cheese and a suitable substitute for Dubliner cheese too. It’s basically a type of goat cheese made from the whey of the raw milk and matured from eight weeks to three months or more.

This Irish ricotta is closely related to Dubliner in terms of smooth and a bit grainy texture. You can easily swap Dubliner cheese with Ardagh castle ricotta in almost all the recipes.

  1. Ardrahan

Ardrahan is a semi-soft, delicate, and off-white Irish cheese getting its flavor and texture from cow’s milk. It has a similar Dubliner-like creaminess and nuttiness with additional buttery notes.

Ardrahan can replace Dubliner and other Irish cheeses when serve with wine, bread loaves, plain crackers, and dry fruits.

  1. Durrus

Durrus is a cream-colored, semi-soft, and round Irish cheese made from raw cow’s milk. Practically, it’s a closer substitution for Dubliner having a creamy texture with mild acidic and buttery flavor notes.

Durrus is also a good melting cheese similar to Dubliner and compliment great in cheesy sauces, chutneys, and other savory baked creations.

Non-Irish Substitute For Dubliner Cheese

Let’s talk about a scenario when all the Irish cheeses are not accessible somehow. In this situation, you can go for the following non-Irish cheese alternatives to replace Dubliner in your food dishes.

  1. Parmesan

Parmesan for substitute

Parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano is an italic cheese having a dense grainy texture. Remember it’s also a good non-blue gorgonzola cheese substitute owing to its savory and nutty flavor.

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Besides, you can also use parmesan instead of Dubliner cheese when don’t have any Irish cheese on hand. It offers a similar sharp, buttery and nutty flavor to savory creations as Dubliner.

  1. Swiss Appenzeller

Swiss Appenzeller for alternative
Swiss Appenzeller for alternative

Swiss appenzeller is a hard type of cheese made from cow’s milk in the region of Appenzell of Switzerland. It resembles Dubliner in having a similar firm and smooth texture with a mild aroma.

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Swiss appenzeller is a bit spicier, tangier, and fruitier as compared to Dubliner and thus compliment well with the dishes calling for Dubliner cheese.

  1. Fontina

Fontina for replacement
Fontina for replacement

Fontina cheese is also a non-Irish, semi -soft, and pale-yellow cheese of Italy. It is a reasonable choice as a substitute for Dubliner cheese because of its closely firm, creamy, and smooth bite.

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Its flavor profile varies from mild nuttiness to sharp and strong tanginess. So, put your hands on fontina to mimic the Irish cheeses cleverly.

To wrap up, we make your decision of replacing Dubliner easy and quick, and this way, you’ll get the similar Dubliner features in your recipes professionaly.

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