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Diastatic Malt Powder Substitute (Both Malted & Non-Malted Ideas)

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Diastatic Malt Powder Alternatives

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Unable to locate one of the baking essentials, diastatic malt powder? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to continue baking without this key ingredient. Here’s pick up the best diastatic malt powder substitute to give a unique flavor and stunning rise to your baked goods.

Diastatic malt powder is a versatile workhorse in the immense world of baking. It gives a mild natural sweetness, ample the whole flavor, and infuses life to the baked creations.

However, what if you find yourself out of diastatic malt powder? At that time, a candidate closer to malt powder can save your recipe.

Thereby, knowing the best or closest replacement for diastatic malt powder can make your recipe even when you don’t have the central ingredient on hand. So, let’s know them.

Pick Up The Best Diastatic Malt Powder Substitute

It’s obvious that substituting baking ingredients is quite challenging as any off-replacement can make the recipe unappealing or dumb. Therefore, you need to be careful before going for an ultimate alternative to diastatic malt powder.

Make sure your final substitute fulfills the following concerns so that you can carry out baking without letting down the recipe outcomes.

Flavor: Diastatic malt powder imparts a sweet, nutty, and buttery flavor to dough recipes. It makes baking goods irresistibly umami, thanks to its natural malt goodness. So, put your hands on an ingredient that equips natural sweetness and tastes similarly versatile.

Consistency: Diastatic malt is a finely ground powder and is made from dried grains. There are plenty of malt-containing baking products available that are liquids. So, you must go for a candidate with a consistency more like a powder rather than a liquid to complement your recipe ideally.

Diastatic Vs Non Diastatic: Diastatic malt powder retains the activity of enzymes required for the fermentation that in turns, give a perfect dough rise. However, non-diastatic malt powder is similar to diastatic yet lacks active enzymes. So, always choose a diastatic option to carry out baking and dough rise.

Know Your Substitution Purpose: It’s essential to know your intent to replace diastatic malt powder. Determine whether you are going to use the key ingredient in a recipe to get a unique malted flavor or an ideal dough rise.

Go for diastatic products if the intent is to ensure the dough rising. On the other side, you can go for any powdered or liquid malted product if craving umami oomph in your recipes.

Diastatic Malt Powder Substitute

Diastatic malt is a central ingredient in dough recipes as it ensures a strong rise, amazing texture, and decent dough crust. The purpose of using it in a recipe is to increase the efficiency of the fermentation of starch, that in turns, gives a perfect dough rise.

As diastatic malt powder retains its enzymatic activity throughout its manufacturing process, so it is responsible for the breakdown of starch into sugar. This activity of malt makes the recipe flavor sweet and ensures efficient fermentation.

And sometimes, it only adds malt flavor to the dish making it more appealing and worth eating. Interestingly, you can replace diastatic malt powder in both kinds of recipes.

Note that the ingredients containing malt in them are closest to diastatic malt powder, and thus could be the best substitutes.

1. Homemade Malt Powder

Homemade Malt Powder

Malt powder is one of the versatile baking ingredients that you can use or manipulate easily in your baking dishes. And if you don’t have it in your baking staples, you can prepare your own malt powder easily.

Take 1 cup of instant milk powder and add 3 tbsp malt to it. Mix it well and use it instead of diastatic malt powder. This way, you’ll find the easiest substitution right on hand.

2. Malted Milk Powder

Malted Milk Powder

Malted milk powder is closest to the original diastatic malt powder. It contains malt powder mixed with the evaporated whole milk powder.

It is the best diastatic malt powder substitute for recipes calling only malt flavor. As malted milk powder is a non-diastatic powder, so it wouldn’t help the dough to rise properly.

Which One You Should Buy? King Arthur Malted Milk Powder imparts a unique malt taste and sweet flavor notes to your baked goods. It’s a keto-friendly alternative to diastatic malt powder that you can also blend to make yummy shakes or smoothies.

3. Malt Syrup

Malt Syrup

Another possible ingredient that you can switch with diastatic malt powder is malt syrup. It’s so common and multipurpose baking staple that is always on hand.

Use it when not any ingredient seems suitable for your recipe. Although malt syrup is actually non-diastatic, yet it’s natural sweetness can feed yeast and thus gives a nice dough rise.

As malt syrup has a sweet flavor that’s far higher than the mild flavor of diastatic powder, so use it in 1:3 ratio.

Which One You Should Buy? Eden Organic Barley Malt Syrup is a non-diastatic condiment yet great for your baked creations, casseroles, sauces, and many more. It’s a pure, nutritious, and non-GMO liquid sweetener that is perfect to turn your recipe flavor incredibly.

4. Malt Extract

Malt Extract

Malt extract could be your last choice when you want to replace diastatic malt powder with any malted product. Here’s, you have a couple of options for your iconic baking items.

You can either use liquid malt extract or malt extract powder according to your recipe demand. Malt extract powder is milder in flavor, so it can easily sub diastatic malt powder when used in 1:1 ratio.

As liquid malt extract is sweeter than powder, use 1:3 to get the same results as diastatic malt powder.

Which One You Should Buy? Germa Malt Extract is a nutritionally fortified sweetener great to complement your sweet treats healthily. On the other hand, Briess Light Dry Malt Extract is a malted powder perfect to carry out brewing purposes.

Non-Malted Substitute for Diastatic Malt Powder

Below are some non-malted ingredients that you can use instead of diastatic malt powder. This collection of ingredients is helpful for those who want to substitute malt flavor.

By using the following ingredients, you can maintain the flavor of a dish and also can assist fermentation, just like diastatic powder.

1. Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup would probably be the first choice of everyone when going to replace malt flavor in a baking recipe. Its flavor is so flexible that it easily blends with recipe ingredients and can even substitute maple extract or maple syrup.

For diastatic malt powder substitution, use 1:3 ratio because its sweet flavor can overpower the dish making it unappealing.

Which One You Should Buy? Karo Light Corn Syrup offers a unique blend of sweet vanilla taste comparable to the flavor goodness of diastatic malt powder.

2. Corn Starch

Corn Starch

Corn starch comes into play whenever we talk about thickening or binding agents. But you can also add it to your dough recipe in place of diastatic malt powder.

It can give the same perfect dough rise just like malt powder without overpowering the flavor of a dish. Add some sugar to make it the best substitute for missing diastatic malt powder.

Which One You Should Buy? Argo Pure Corn Starch is a gluten-free, kosher, and a great alternative to diastatic malt powder in your baked goods.

3. Molasses


Molasses is another prevalent ingredient usually available in the pantry. Its sweet flavor and thick texture are perfect for baking dishes as it doesn’t disturb the consistency of dry ingredients.

Luckily, you can also switch diastatic malt powder with molasses to achieve almost the same flavor and texture outcomes.

Which One You Should Buy? Grandma’s Molasses brings new life to baked goods and cooking dishes. Its robust sweet savor makes your recipes as flavorful as malt powder.

In short, there are always some ingredients available to replace any missing ingredient if you have a proper understanding.

All the above-listed malted or non-malted ingredients are usually on hand that you can use as the best diastatic malt powder substitute. So, diversify the list of recipe ingredients and switch one for another to make dishes extra special.


What Is Diastatic Malt Powder?

Diastatic malt powder is made from dried barley grains that retain enzyme activity throughout processing and grinding. The active enzymes of malt powder feed yeast, assist the process of fermentation and convert starch into sugars and carbon dioxide. That's a reason diastatic malt powder is a baking staple used to produce a proper dough rise in no time.

Where To Buy Diastatic Malt Powder?

All the big grocery stores and supermarkets have diastatic malt powder in their stock. Visit the baking aisle first to locate this recipe essential easily. You can also spot diastatic malt powder in the flour section or in the racks of dry ingredients. If you fail to get, visit online retailers and make a reliable purchase for your dream baking recipes.

How To Use Diastatic Malt Powder?

Diastatic malt powder is meant to assist dough rise to make your sourdough, bread, pizza crust, and cake worth eating and appealing. Not limited to this, diastatic malt powder packs natural sweetness, mild caramelizing notes, and umami oomph that make the recipes heavenly delicious and delectable. It contains active enzymes needed to carry out fermentation, so it helps in brewing and bear making processes.

What Can I Substitute For Diastatic Malt Powder?

You can replace diastatic malt powder using malt extract or malt powder. To more, the homemade alternative is always better to use instead of diastatic malt powder. To make your own substitute, blend 1 cup of instant milk powder and add 3 tbsp malt together. This way, you will get powder similar to diastatic malt powder on hand. In order to get malt flavor in your recipes, go for malt syrup or molasses.

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