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Orgeat Substitute For Cocktails, Drinks, And Baking Recipes

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Orgeat Substitute
Orgeat Substitute

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Orgeat is widely known for the super sweet and almondy flavor it gives to desserts, cocktails, and baked items. So, you must keep your recipe secret always on hand, yet you can also substitute orgeat if not have it, unluckily.

Orgeat syrup worth a stellar spot in your pantry as it heightens your recipe flavor by tons. Its bold nutty flavor and citrusy tropical aroma reminiscent of roasted almonds caress the palate delightfully.

Whenever you find orgeat out of stock, don’t worry. It’s easy to replace orgeat syrup in your beloved cocktails and baking dishes. You just need to know the best alternative for your specific recipe to end up things pleasantly.

How To Pick Up The Best Orgeat Substitute?

Before going into the best substitutes for orgeat syrup, think about how you can pick up the one for your coming recipe. What to consider before putting your hands on the best option that can do the replacement perfectly?

Here are some elements you need to think about before going to choose your best bet.

Geschmack Verleihen: Orgeat syrup offers a distinctive almondy flavor with citrusy orange taste hints and tropical aroma.

It’s a thick whitish cocktail mixer used to add a complex savor to signature drinks. So, the ingredients with a pronounced almondy flavor and citrusy hints are best to go with.

Alcohol content: Orgeat is a purely non-alcoholic and naturally-flavored syrup great for transforming your routine drinks healthily.

To more, various gluten-free orgeat versions are available out there to complement your diet specifications. So, opt for the alcohol-free candidate with more natural ingredients.

Availability: Think about the availability of your chosen orgeat alternative. Make sure your best pick is accessible to you anytime you need to make a palatable concoction.

Orgeat Syrup Substitute

You need the best orgeat syrup alternative for making a refreshing cocktail or baking goods with an incredible almondy flavor. So, before you go for any replacement, think about where you are going to use it.

Either way, we’ve compiled a collection of orgeat syrup substitutes for cocktails, signature drinks, and baking recipes to ease your hassle.

Orgeat Substitute For Cocktails

Orgeat adds a complex savor to a variety of refreshing drinks and cocktails including Mai Tai, Scorpion, and Mojitos. It’s also equally pleasing and satisfying among non-alcoholic drinkers and health-conscious cocktail lovers.

Liber & Co. Orgeat Syrup is a great cocktail mixer while offering a unique almondy flavor and aroma to your drinks. Naturally flavored with roasted almonds and pure cane sugar, this ideal syrup is free from artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

However, there’s a variety of other ingredients that are similar to orgeat in terms of flavor and culinary applications. Try them in your beloved cocktails or drinks to know which one works the best instead of orgeat.

1. Almond Syrup

Almond Syrup
Almond Syrup

Almond syrup offers a sweet almondy flavor to drinks and cocktails similar to orgeat. Generally made with almonds, water, and sugar, this simple ingredient can rescue your cocktails when you find yourself out of orgeat syrup.

However, almond syrup alone cannot provide you with the whole complex savor of orgeat. It lacks the citrusy orange notes and floral aroma that comes with orgeat syrup.

In short, this substitute needs some taste modifications. For doing so, hire orange essence or rose water and combine the ingredients to get a complex floral and refreshing concoction similar to orgeat.

Keep in mind that almond syrup is more concentrated and thicker than orgeat. So, start with a small amount of syrup and adjust the flavor of the drink up to your taste.

Which One You Should Buy? DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Almond Syrup is a staple workhorse to get for your sweet treats including smoothies, shakes, cocktails, drinks, beverages, desserts, and coffee.

2. Falernum


Falernum gives you more versatility and flexibility in terms of flavor to pick up the better choice. It packs gentle citrusy lime hints and sweet almondy flavor just like an orgeat syrup.

The overall flavor is smoother, velvety, and refreshing, more comparable to orgeat. You can also upgrade the falernum flavor using a splash of rose essence for a delightful aroma.

Falernum can substitute orgeat in all types of Japanese cocktails, beverages, drinks, and cold coffee. Its sweet nutty flavor pairs well with cocktail ingredients and makes you feel like sipping a lighter version of orgeat.

Above all, falernum comes in two versions; one is alcoholic, and the other is without alcohol. This way, you can utilize this orgeat syrup alternative to make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks without letting down the recipe flavor.

Which One You Should Buy? Tippleman’s Double Spiced Falernum Syrup works great in Tiki drinks and iconic cocktails. It offers a serious punch of sweetness and citrusy lime flavor comparable to orgeat syrup.

3. Orange Syrup

Orange Syrup
Orange Syrup

Orange syrup is what gives an orgeat its citrusy flavor and refreshing mouthfeel. Although it lacks the nutty flavor of orgeat, it’s still a great and handy option to go with.

People who do not support the almondy flavor or allergic to nuts can try this substitute every time they need something really delightful and simple.

Add a splash of almond syrup together with orange juice to your beloved drink if an almondy flavor is your preference.

Which One You Should Buy? Torani Orange Syrup packs a decent kick of orange blossom with sweet goodness of pure sugar cane. You can use it either as-is or mix it with almond syrup to get a flavor similar to orgeat.

4. Orzata


Orzata syrup offers a smooth nutty blend of flavor without a citrus delight and floral aroma. You can use it plain in a variety of signature orgeat cocktails and beverages. However, you can also enhance its flavor to get a comparable orgeat substitute.

If you are going to add it plain, reduce its quantity as it can impart unappealing bitterness to your drink.

It’s always better to round off the Orzata flavor either using rose water, orange juice, or molasses to get a refreshing orgeat syrup substitute on hand.

Which One You Should Buy? Ferrara Orzata Syrup offers a similar almondy mouthfeel to your refreshing drinks like an orgeat syrup. The overall flavor is sweet, nutty, and fresh with a hint of citrus.

5. Amaretto


Amaretto is an alcoholic replacement for orgeat yet infuses a similar richness and delight to iconic cocktails. The overall flavor is nutty more like almonds with a concentrated sweet mouthfeel.

Even though amaretto is a good replacement for orgeat, you will lose the floral character of the drink this way. This is because amaretto does not contain orange citrus and refreshing aroma, unlike orgeat syrup.

On your own, you can customize the flavor of your drink using orange or lime blossom with a splash of rose water.

Which One You Should Buy? Amoretti syrup is great for plenty of cocktail options and smoothies. Its smooth almondy flavor notes complement the other recipe ingredients delectably and sweetly.

Orgeat Substitute For Baking

Orgeat syrup is not only an incredible cocktail mixer but also a great baking staple. It gives a delightful orange blossom and floral tweak to sweet treats including desserts, cakes, pies, and bread.

Most often, star bakers use orgeat as a milk replacement in recipes to end up things heavenly delicious. In the case you are going to make an orgeat-containing dessert but don’t have orgeat syrup, you can give a try to the following closer substitutes.

6. Almond Milk

Almond Milk
Almond Milk

Almond milk is the best alternative to orgeat syrup in cooking and baking recipes. It can give a similar almondy mouthfeel and soft texture to your baked items. It may be sweetened or unsweetened, yet you can use both in your recipes.

Add sweeteners or sugar to the unsweetened almond milk to get a comparable orgeat flavor.

Almond milk is easy to get and closer to orgeat syrup in terms of flavor. However, it’s not as thicker as orgeat syrup. So, add almond milk little by little and adjust the consistency of the ingredients.

Which One You Should Buy? Silk Shelf-Stable Almond Milk is unsweetened, dairy-free, vegan friendly, and free from GMO, gluten, and soy products. Indulge this dairy-free orgeat alternative to desserts, smoothies, shakes, and baked items to stimulate your sweet tooth.

7. Almond Extract

Almond Extract
Almond Extract

Almond extract is also a great substitute to consider whenever you are running short on orgeat syrup. It’s a more concentrated and intense condiment, so you need to use it carefully.

It’s not sweet as orgeat syrup yet full of almond flavor that is enough to give a nutty kick to your baked goods. You can make it sweeter using honey to meet the orgeat flavor.

Its 1:1 ratio can make the recipe overwhelmingly taste like almonds, so reduce its quantity according to your recipe and flavor needs.

Which One You Should Buy? Watkins Pure Almond Extract is great for adding an umami oomph to your baked creations. You can also drizzle it over desserts, ice cream, smoothies, and cakes to enjoy an orgeat-like nutty flavor.

8. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can rescue your baking goods where you need orgeat syrup to adore your creations. Its complex aromatic mouthfeel will not bring almondy flavor to your recipes but still can transform the overall flavor delightfully.

Drizzle it over pancakes, pies, cupcakes, and desserts to make things deliciously satisfying, similar to orgeat.

Which One You Should Buy? Maple Grove Farms Maple Syrup is a rich and flavorful condiment great for your baked goods, pancakes, waffles, and pies instead of orgeat syrup.

9. Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar
Agave Nectar

Agave nectar tastes more like honey and maple syrup, yet moderately thicker similar to orgeat. It offers neutral sweetness to your recipes without making the overall flavor off taste.

You can use it as a sweetener in your recipes and also can top your baked goods with this uniquely flavored condiment. However, it can not substitute the almondy or nutty taste of orgeat syrup.

Which One You Should Buy? Organic Agave Nectar is a low carb, vegan friendly, and gluten-free alternative for orgeat syrup in your baking recipes. To more, you can make your oatmeal, waffles, and cocktails delicious using organic agave nectar.

10. Molasses


Molasses is a thick, dark, and sugary syrup used to give a complex sweet mouthfeel to baked goods. In a pinch, molasses can also replace orgeat syrup in baking and cooking recipes.

The best thing is that molasses is available in a variety of fruity flavors, including citrus fruits. To get a citrusy blossom in your baked items, go for pomegranate molasses if available to you.

Which One You Should Buy? Cortas Pomegranate Molasses offers an ultimate balance of sweet and tart flavor notes very similar to orgeat syrup. It will not only rescue your baked goods but can make your cooking dishes taste wonderful.


Where Can I Find Orgeat Syrup?

It’s easy to locate a decent brand of orgeat syrup in the liqueur section of your nearby supermarket. Monin and Torani are great quality brands of orgeat syrup to go with. Think of an online option and order from online vendors to make a reliable purchase without any hassle.

Is Amaretto The Same As Orgeat?

No, amaretto and orgeat syrup are not the same. The alcohol content is the primary difference between these two liquors. Amaretto is an alcoholic drink with a nutty flavor profile, whereas orgeat syrup is naturally flavored with almonds without alcohol. Amaretto is a liquor while orgeat is a syrup. Orgeat contains citrusy blossom and floral aroma, yet amaretto lacks this complex savor. However, amaretto can substitute orgeat syrup in your cocktails and drinks with a bit of flavor modification.

Is Orgeat Syrup The Same As Almond Syrup?

Not at all, yet you can consider them similar almondy products. The primary ingredients of almond syrup include water, sugar, and almonds. Therefore, the final flavor is sweet and nutty, like other sweeteners. However, orgeat contains orange blossom, rose water, sugar, and almonds to transform an ordinary sip into a delightful slurp. The best thing is that you can use them interchangeably with a little change in the overall recipe flavor.

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