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Goal #1

Our primary mission is to make your cooking skills flexible and adaptable to an increasingly broad variety of cooking ingredients. We consider that you must know the best replacements for your favorite savory as well as sweet treats so that you can make them memorable even in the absence of any staple ingredient.

Goal #2

Here, we are trying to educate you that which substitute will work best for which recipe and how. The best thing is that every article posted on this site cover a collection of substitutions and novel ideas to try so that you can find all the needed information at once.

Goal #3

Our important mission is to provide you with alternative ideas of rare ingredients which are not covered by any other platform yet. For instance, this website contains detailed information about substitutes for veggies, fruits, spices, grains, condiments, meat, seafood, and beverages.

Goal #4

Most importantly, we also consider the diet restrictions, specificities, and preferences of people and thus designed our posts accordingly. For example, vegans can find out substitutes for all the meat and egg-containing food ingredients. And, lactose intolerants can find out dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives for all dairy products.

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